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School bus drivers are a classic example of angry old people that never got laid. School bus drivers typically live to be 120 and fill their time yelling at kids of all ages as their testicles drop down to their knees or overies become shriveled and dusty. But keep in mind, they always have your best intrest in heart. They keep student safe by teaching no feet in the aisle, don't stand while the veichile is moving, and ,of course, SHUT THE FUCK UP! I'M TRYING TO FUCKING DRIVE!! These extraordinary burden-on-societys always give advice to their "students" such as, don't do heroin because if you do, this is your future. So you remember every day to go up to your bus driver and say, "Hey man/woman/fat intergalatic war lord, thanks for all the times you exemplified your miniscular excuse for power on me. When I am older, I can only hope that my life will be 10 times better than yours while you drink yourself to death. I freakin' love you man/woman/fat intergalatic war lord!"

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