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This IP address,, is registered to a proxy server, and is shared by multiple users. Comments left on this page may be received by other users of this IP address and appear to be irrelevant. Extreme caution should be used when blocking, banning, or reverting this IP's contributions. If you are an unregistered user operating from this address, note that this need not necessarily be the IP Address of your machine. is the IP address that communicates between your browser and Uncyclopedia's trained monkeys, which is, in other words, a proxy. Such Proxies are shared among an infinite number of users using an infinite number of typewriters compared to the number of persons and typewriters using your particular machine, so refrain from blaming any new messages on them. (Especially the typewriters. Typewriters don't get in to trouble as much as humans, so it's probably not their fault.) If you are frustrated by irrelevant comments being sent to you, then please end it by creating an account for yourself.

Please Note: Proxy users often change IP addresses with each page they load.
Warnings or Messages left on this page will not likely be received by the intended user.
With these sorts of faults, it's amazing the Internet even works at all, huh?

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