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edit Rodgeball (current Rating: Arse-Shite)

Rodgeball is truly the sport of kings, originating in the Middle Ages (2004). The sport is incredibly popular across most of the world, with onyl a few of those obscure African nations not knowing about it.... and no one cares about them.

edit Equipment

  • A Rodge-Ball
  • A Frozen Chicken
  • Sporks and Foons
  • 20cc's of Epic Fail
  • 1-9999+ players
  • A suit of Armour (not to be confused with Armor)
  • Steel Springs
  • Suitable Arena for play
  • A Toyota Prius (Powder Blue)
  • Rectal Examination Kit
  • Matches and Petrol
  • An assortment of Blunt Objects
  • An assortment of Heavy Objects
  • An assortment of Pointy Objects
  • Anything else you can lay your grubby little klepto hands on....

Once you have collected all these items, you are ready to begin playing the legendary sport of Rodgeball.

edit Play

  1. Players are split into a single team
  2. One player dons the suit of armour and is given the Frozen Chicken
  3. As a single unit, the group should search for the RodgeBall (Splitting up ruins the mob effect)
  4. Once they have located the RodgeBall, the Armoured Player then needs to charge headlong at the RodgBall (NOTE: RodgeBalls are often surrounded by a group of students, hence the armour and Chicken. If the RodgeBall attempts to escape, simply don the steel springs to enable a swift capture)
  5. Once subdued and sedated by the Epic Fail, the game of Rodgeball can commence.
  6. The RodgeBall is placed inside an Arena, and given either a spork or a foon to defend itself.
  7. Players take turns to enter in groups of 1-20 and duel the Rodgeball in mortal kombat.
  8. By using either the Blunt, Pointy or Heavy Objects,the players engage the RodgeBall in a manly display of overcompensation.
  9. The other objects you stole are for use by the audience/sidelined players, to pelt at both the competitors and the RodgeBall. Suggestions include Anvils, Knives, Other RodgeBalls and caltropps.
  10. Once the RodgeBall has been defeated, all evidence of The Game must be removed, due to the small issue of it being illegal and all
  11. This is where the other junk comes in: Place the corpse(s) in the prius, you might have some trouble if you have a lot of them, because that thing is freaking tiny! Anyway, proceed with the dumping, and be quick about it.
  12. Alright, now you've loaded up your corpse cart, take it to a cliff (the one outside my house works) and douse it in the petrol, push it off, then light it. (Yes that is possible)
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