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Date of Birth: 1675
Favourite girls: ummmm....all :S
Date of Death: 1869
Profession: "Babnik" ( some kind of Kazanova )
Famous Quote: "whats that means in english?, hi sexy, ja babnik :D"
Opening hours: 24 hours / 7 days white chicks services , just go to

~ Oscar Wilde

Ammar, 3Pac or Shakerov , was born in 1675 in Venus and died on Earth in 1869, but his Ghost havent died yet , it still moving between us people , he came from venus to earth when he heared about east europian white chicks. thats why he was trying to learn estonian and russian language , he stuck his ass on for ages , trying to flirt all females in there , and maybe males either :S , when Ammar died in 1869 he ghost never left , and to complete the job of flirting all white chicks in there , when Ammar were alive , he collected some military forces and cuptured Moscow and Washington both in winter 2087 ( dont pay attention to dates :S ) , later he was killed by sex , because sex in his planet venus is much diffrent than ours.

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