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This is my atricley!

I'm not entirely sure what Ploo is but it sounds really funny-like.

edit Discovery of Ploo

Ploo was discovered, I forgot dude...I forgot his name. I don't really-What, you say? No, I'm not making this up-what? What did you ask? No, I'm not on crack! No, I'm not an inmate of a mental hospital! Not let me finish this article, Ploohead!

Sorry about that.

Anyway, after Ploo was discovered...then that dude, let's just say his name is, Kayne. Nah, maybe Oscar. No, um, that's stupid. Um, Chuck. Yeah. Chuck. So this Chuck dude is walkin' down the street with his Ploo. But he doesn't know it's Ploo. It's um, this green stuff. So Chuck's walkin' down the road with this green stuff and he's all like "Hey dude! Check out this stuff!" And so it's all like thinking "Oh, man, this is retarded" and it leaves. So it jumps outta Chufk's hands and it's like "Ploo!"

edit This Article Sucks.

Okay, this article sucks ass. But still.

Or not. I might as swell just NRV it right heranow. Heranow? HERE AND NOW. HEREANDNOW. HERANDNOW. HERANOW. Get it? Fine, be that way.
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