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I am an outsider and an alien to this world and this universe, I have been exiled here to help, in whatever small and humble way, in the spiritual transformation of the Earth. But unlike the gnostic mythos there is no going back - I can only go forward. In almost every incarnation I have lived on the fringes of society, never quite fitting in, always contributing in some way or another.

Light and Gnosis decends from higher states of reality to work through and inspire me; and through you too, if you are reading this and other stuff on my site and it makes sense to you. This is where all true creativity and visionary ideas comes from.

I think in eccentric ways, and have interests that most people may find strange. I find Sport, Sitcoms, and Reality TV (except for Race Around the World and The Apprentice) boring; the thoughtstream of human society flows past like an ocean, and I am like oil on water to it. I find it hard to fit in because I don't speak the same language as the bulk of people, and I am pulled this way and that by whatever spiritual inspiration is inspiring me at the moment (the classic Jungian Intuition type, though I have a very strong Thinking faculty as well.

Recently I've been finally getting back into sadhana (spiritual practice - not religion!) after a hiatus of many years. It is great to feel "spaced out" again on higher states of consciousness! Chemical substances ("drugs") are nothing compared to the natural high one gets from opening ones chakras through centering and meditation.

When I was a kid I thought I was a martian.

I love looking at snails and insects and other small creatures.

I have on occasion seen "devas"

I'll write more weird stuff later :-)

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