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[[You suck.

Cows are good for sexing because i like it when they go... moooooooo and stufff. Oh crap I spelt that wrong i should go back and fix it instead of writing this but i'm currently cutting myself because my cat refused to marry me and ended up marrying a gecko then eating it. I was framed i tell you dont eat me or I'll kill your sister with a blunt object known as my penis. Hehehehehe i said penis hahahah that was as funny as brittany spearses nose which i slept with. Holy craphat was awesome. sorry G2G now coz i hired a hooker and they want to eat my soul with a small funnel which i urinate from according tio jim. Haha thats a show on t.v but i dont watch it because i have a life. i dont really im lying to make myself look cool. Sorry dont hurt my pancreas i need it for stuff like ummmmmmmm i dont know i'm kinda dumb. $$$$$$$ that means money. I'm smrt. Crap go away, I HATE YOU. GO TO HELL. sorry that was kind of rude well byeee byeee

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