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Around The World In 80 TV Travel Documentaries was a BBC travel documentary first broadcast on BBC2 in 2008. In the six-part series, veteran entertainer and TV panel show regular Michael Carpentier embarked on a journey, navigating the four corners of the globe. Along the way, he tracked down 80 fellow television presenters, each of whom were filming their own unique journey of a lifetime. Here, Uncyclopedia reproduces extracts from the best-selling companion book to the series.

South America

Deep in the dark dramatic heart of the Amazon Rainforest, I was coming to the end of a three-day trek through the jungle. My local guide, Chico, told me that we were heading for the home of the ancient Guanihoc people. Of course, I already knew that. The production staff had arranged this trip months ago. It was there that I was to meet Dr. Ernest McGregor, star of Around The World In 80 Indigenous Peoples.

We were given a traditional ceremonial welcome by the Gunaihoc. They'd even arranged for the women of the tribe to get their tits out. I thought that was a nice touch.

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