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Welcome To 13.1 runner's Wikipedia Page, Visitor!

This is an article where 'YOU' that's right 'YOU' get to say anything about me(Gary). In other words, 'YOU' get to say and/or talk about me in whatever fashon 'YOU' want. For example, 'YOU' could talk about what i do, what are my interests, and the popular one, what do you seriously think of me; be it opinions or things to make me fell stupid. It's 'YOUR' choice so make the best of it. Happy editing. :)

'†Remember GOD is Watching You Edit†'

Okay Who Wrote that that's Stupid!

Not me. Garebear 17:32, 9 May 2008 (UTC)

edit Guest Book Write Your Name Here

edit Why?

  • So I can:
    • See who visits this site
    • And who has read it.

edit My Personal Tid-bits

Hey this is me gary. I hope you guys edit this page to the full extent and have fun while doing it too :D. So happy editing. Also if you want to contact me by just texting me and look me up on myspace at this link:Gary's Page ; cuz i know most of you have me added on myspace and or might have my cell number anyways.

My name's Gary and I like to talk about sexual things all the time, especially at lunch time. I usually make an entrance with a statement such as "...and I said, that's not my ho, she's my bitch."

Hey who wrote this about sexy (roar!) garebear?

I think Gary's a sex fiend!

edit Interests

Anything really, I'm not that picky about anything. I enjoy running cross country, track, marathons, 5Ks and 10Ks and of coarse sex ahh its so great u all should try it one day

edit Where I Enjoy Going On the Weekends

Basicly, anywhere like Six FLags, Movies, the Mall, Cowboys, Houses you know those places that you all go to.

And He is a Big Douche Bag!

edit How To Run A Marathon

It's relatively easy believe me i have done those so many times (actually only three) that it'll get you in shape. First you have to run a 5K and then gradually make your way to a 10K and then you'll be rady to do a half marathon. And when you have done at least 5 half marathons, you'll be ready for a full marathon.


edit What I Do Here?

Okay this is where you add your comments about me or want to express your true feelings about me or you could just edit the things up there^. Like always happy editing!

edit What I Think About You Garebear!

gary is pretty awesome :]
♥ amor

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