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i trailled Wesley Snipes for 3 years to write an article on him... that is all

edit Current Research

Help is appreciated with my current theorems

edit Bob Marley Maths Theorems

edit The root of evil theorem

“Every..Every..Everywhere you go, Woman is the root of all evil”
~ Bob Marley on Maths and Women: song-Adam and Eve

alternatively can be represented as  woman = \sqrt[x]{lim_{-\infty\rightarrow \infty} (evil)}

this is also supported by the song 'No Woman, No Cry which postulates that a condition for Cry is Woman.

unfortunately I can only assume x=2 and that this is a square route, clues to the value of x may lie in this song, or others... i will keep searching

edit The 2 joint maximum theorem

“I smoke two joints in the morning I smoke two joints at night, I smoke two joints in the afternoon and it makes me feel alright smoke two joints in time of peace and two the time of war smoke two joints before i smoke two joints

and then i smoke some more”
~ Bob Marley on Maths and Joints


"some more" is a non negative integer constant represented by (S)

Marley's Colleague Peter Tosh said

“I don't want no peace

I need equal rights and justice”
~ Peter Tosh on Peace

so time of peace = 0% therefore time of war = 100%

Morning =12am


Night = 6pm

Complications arise with the following phrase which will be dealt with. smoke two joints before i smoke two joints

Simplest Case

Assuming 2 joints must only be smoked before the other two joint times (except morning which would fall on the previous day) the minimum amount of joints that may be smoked is

(2_{morning}j) + (2_{afternoon}j + 2_{before}j) + (2_{night}j + 2_{before}j) + (2_{war}j + 2_{before}j) +S = 14j + Sj = j(14 + S)
when S=0 ,  j_{min}=14j

so the minimum case is 14 joints in a day

Maximum Case

assume the time to smoke a joint is t_j

joints need not be smoked in sets of two as "Some More" can be any non negative integer.

therefore the number of joints able to be smoked in a day is:

j_{max}=60*60*24/t as t tends toward 0, j_{max} approaches infinity

j_{max} \rightarrow \infty ; t\rightarrow 0

this would also be the case if you smoke more than 1 joint at a time.

Range and Conclusions'

j ranges from 14 to infinity!

bob marley smoked at least 14 joints a day - 18 in the special case of war turning to peace or vice versa. ( 2 in the alternate scenario + 2 before)

Bob was alive for 13243 days and a few hours (forget about those)

therefore, assuming there was spotaneous occurences of peace in the world, Bob smoked at minimum of 185,402 joints which is a hell of a lot. Then again 3 of his children were born to 3 different mothers within a month of each other. The guy is a super-hero.


Help would be appreciated on how stoned you would get.

i am assuming you could just plug in some constants, but thats no fun.. i want evidence.

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