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A Bro-Five is the act of connecting your (male) flat outstretched hand with a (male) Bro of yours who is/has/will done something under the category of Awesomeness

edit Steps to making/creating a "Bro-Five

  1. Double check that the event that occurred is indeed awesome in its own right
  2. Confirm that your Bro is paying attention and is aware you are about to initiate a "Bro-Five"
  3. Put your hand in an outstretched position
  4. Pull your arm back behind your head such that your outstretched hand is near your ear
  5. Thrust your arm and outstretched hand towards that of your Bro's
  6. Say/Yell/Scream "Bro-Five" (broh-fyve) at the moment of connection
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