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Good Evening, the time is 9:00 UTC and this the UnNews Daily IRC Bulletin.
I'm BarryC, your presenter for tonight,
Todays' date is the 8th of may

On UnNews tonight our stories are:
*Hawaii boats at risk from whales
*Iran threatens to invade Columbia
*Boris Johnson Named in England World Cup Squad
*Liquid Guinness found on one of Saturn's moons
*Mysterious user leaves content-free news article
*Man's Room A Diverse Melting Pot Of Dirty Laundry
*This Bar Mitzvah Needs Some More Novelty Sunglasses

Todays featured article is:
Liquid Guinness found on one of Saturn's moons
Scientists probing the newly mapped area of Titan, have discovered a brown, carbonated substance. They
believe this to be natural guiness reserves. Tidal currents have been dicovered. The Guiness World Records
Book has verified that this is the largest natural source of Guiness in the World.

Taking a look at other, less creditable news sources:
* S Africa's Zuma cleared of rape
* Trapped Australian miners rescued
* Hayden named as Bush CIA choice

Taking a look at the Weather tommorow:
*There will  be light rain in Liverpool
*It will be sunny in America
*With an occasional overcast area
*And some rain heading further north

That's all for now, I'm BarryC and that was the Daily UnNews Bulletin.
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