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Good Evening, the time is 9:00 UTC and this the UnNews Daily IRC Bulletin.
I'm BarryC, your presenter for tonight,
Todays' date is the 7th of may

On UnNews tonight our stories are:
*Space Pimps Pose Problems for International Space Station
*Local ASPCA puts the Cat in catapult
*Iran threatens to invade Nepal

Todays featured article is:
Local ASPCA puts the Cat in catapult
Three residents of Andover, MA were tragically killed and 47 injured as hundreds of cats fell from the sky. Witness say
it lasted for about three minutes. The reason for this event was when the nearby ASPCA decided to reduce the feline population
by means of catapult. The State Government has issued an apology to all affected.

Taking a look at other, less creditable news sources:
*UN Darfur force called 'vital' for peace
*Fresh violence hits Iraq cities
*Big rally on eve of Zuma rape trial verdict

And the Weather for tommorow:
*Its going to be nice and sunny in America
*however, in parts it will be cloudy/
*with thunderstorms predicted for New Orleans
*and just for Mhaille - the weather over Liverpool will be overcast

That's all for now, I'm BarryC and that was the Daily UnNews Bulletin.
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