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May 11, 2006

Good Evening, the time is 9:00 UTC and this the UnNews Daily IRC Bulletin.
I'm BarryC, your presenter for tonight,
Todays' date is the 11th of may

On UnNews tonight our stories are:

  • BNP councillor denies involvement in gay porn film
  • Uncyclopedian Attacked by Savage Wikipedians
  • John Howard… charged with terrorism offences
  • Announcement of Halo 3
  • Walmart Secedes from the Nation
  • Condoleeza Rice Invades France
  • Planet Earth mocks Iran by invading Uranus
  • USA invades Utah

Todays featured article is:
Planet Earth mocks Iran by invading Uranus
The G8 and Affiliated Nations, (inc.) has diplomatically mocked Iran for its feeble plans to take over the world. France went into National Emergency mode when the natin's infrastructure collapsed after too many people had died from laughing. As a remining Snub to Iran, the G8 invaded Uranus.

Taking a look at other, less creditable news sources:

  • 'Dozens dead' in Sri Lanka clash
  • Resourcing blamed over July bombs
  • US spy agency 'monitoring calls'

Taking a look at the Weather tommorow:

  • There will be light showers in Liverpool
  • It will be sunny in MOST areas of the USA
  • However a hurricane is forcasted for New York, alongside a Tsunami, and it'll go WHAM! and buildings'll go BANG! and people will go SPLAT! and there'll be MEGA CARNAGE and lots of - oh, excuse me, I'm drifting...

That's all for now, I'm BarryC and that was the Daily UnNews IRC Bulletin.

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