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edit Identity

00lemon is a rarely seen secret agent,... with a mission. What this mission is however, is a closely guarded secret known only to himself and his right arm. A recipe for madness indeed, an soon to be a hit TV show coming to a cinema near you....

edit Clues

The only existing evidence of 00lemon's existence can be found at the following crude and crypic documents, heavily edited for your listening pleasure.

-PC Plod

-Grand Funk Railroad

edit Conspiracy Theories

Many theories abound as to the true existence of 00lemon, and partyicularly whether it can be defined in the terms of conventional language such as, nincompoop, mimf, upper charlesulworthy and of course dqzkzkruduger. If you have any infomation which you feel may clarify things, theories or just queries for 00lemon himself feel free too leave them here. Any infomation leading to an arrest will incur a statutory £200 processing fee.

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