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edit -player2-

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This user is a gamer XD.

edit Hobbies

-player2- is a person who loves playing video games(darkorbit,warrock...).He is what people call a "Gamer" He is also the guy who whrote e=mc2 (oh....maybe not....)

edit On The Internet

He maybe has a weird nickname(don't ask..) but he is quite known on the web(Jbcdu87, jbcn, -player2-).

He has a You Tube name: Jbcdu87, it is also his RuneScape name

edit Were he lives/were he was born

-player2- lives in hell...ummm...I mean england sorry XD He is French/American

Clippy player2
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This user Used this thing all ready.
In short, he's crazy.
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