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I, Änjelajs (Angel Eyes for you Anglo-Saxons). As bureaucrat on a foreign Uncyclopedia I have no hesitations to pull the trigger...

Cg 04

A perfect übermensch. A perfect new Soviet person. A Swedish female.

Navastroje tavarich! I'm from Sweden and therefor an aryan communist and thereby hated by most Americans. But I don't care, I'm better then you and I'm always automatically right about everything, without any exceptions. Yes I am. What do you mean no? Shut up! Don't be so uppkäftig! I said I am right and then I am! Wich means you are wrong! Period! End of discussion.

Fun fact about Communism in Sweden

When Lenin was in Stockholm he needed to buy a hat before continuing to Russia. He had to have that hat before starting the revolution. So the leader of the Swedish Conservative Party gave him money, joking about hoping that that would make him leave. And I'm going to twist that little story so that you can blame Gulag on the rich upper class elite. Here it comes: The bourgeois are to blame for the Soviet oppression.

See also

See my plan for Lebensraum and empire...

See my bad linguistic skills (Hell, my user name is in Swenglish)!

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...and unabashedly ashamed of it!
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