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Uncyclopedia presents: the You have two cows anthology! Random Cow


1. Analysis
2. Anime
3. Bovine Quotes
4. Cowmedy
5. Emootions
6. Endings
7. Famous Cows

8. Groups
9. This cow does not exist
10. In the Moos
11. Language of Cows
12. Literature
13. Moosical Moovements
14. Moovies

15. Non-Video Games
16. People
17. Politicowl Junk
18. Programming Languages
19. Religion
20. Software 'n Such
21. Sound of Moo-sic

22. Television
23. Travel
24. Video Games
25. World and Web of Cows
26. You Have n Cows
27. Science
28. Moodicine

“You say you have two cows, but that's just what they want you to believe. They are in fact two lizards in disguise, part of a secret cabal that runs the world.”
~ David Icke on You have two cows
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