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Fig. 1: Yum!

A URINARY TRACT CONFECTION is fucking delicious.

edit That's all

This article's title is a bad pun. As a bad pun, it would qualify to be a good band name. If URINARY TRACT CONFECTION opened for The Killers, who would remember The Killers? No one, that's who. Because The Killers is a terrible band name, whereas URINARY TRACT CONFECTION... well, that's just the balls. I mean, no one in their right mind would think a band like that would suck, except perhaps Sycamore, who votes against everything. Or worse he does not vote at all and often fails to acknowledge that I'm a such a special little princess. (See: Fig. 1)

Another good band name is The Feminine Hygiene Project, and another is My Sister's Urinalysis.

edit What might a URINARY TRACT CONFECTION taste like?

I'm glad you asked! The answer, in a word, is: Delicious.

The answer, in a picture, is this:


edit What's urinary about that cake?

It emerged from my penis.

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