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What ever you do, don't write it down!

All organisations have rule books. From a monotheistic religion to your local basketball club, somewhere something has been written down. Either on paper or stone or scissors, some rules are big ones (like, you can't be simultaneously be both a Christian and a Muslim), to small ones when you cheat at cards and are expected to make your excuses and retire to the bathroom and drown yourself in the lavatory bowl. Other rules are more obvious and others less so. The important thing to remember - there is a list to comply with.

But what about the 'Unwritten rule'? Where do you find those?? Indeed, how can search for something that officially doesn't exist.

edit It is not written

Since the Unwritten rule is never carved in stone or inked on paper, it used to be hard to know what they consisted of. Moses's (and God) had The Ten Commandments and the instruction about wanting someone elses possessions (Though Shall Not Covert Thy Neighbour's Cadillac or His Wife When She Lies in the Garden Sun Bathing). However it doesn't mention Playstations or these are therefore an Unwritten rule. But as no one talks about it, this also the Unspoken rule. A bit hard for an outsider to understand but you know something is up when they tie you a bit of a wood and burn you with it. This is therefore the violation of things that are beyond human understanding...which is where religion normally stood in. Today, in these more secular times - that isn't so well understood.

edit You won't find it there

Related to the Unwritten rule are taboos. Not, not tattoos or the Black Eyed Peas. We all know the one that it's probably not good for family gatherings to invite everyone to a bout of incest to enhance clan cohesion. There are always exceptions but the result is clinical idiocy, though for some reason, men are more prone to this disorder than women. Some taboos are now legislated against, some are encouraged to supply ready fodder for reality television shows.

The journey from taboo to an unwritten law appears to have developed somewhat later.

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