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This obviously has little to do with Benjamin Franklin, but was nevertheless used by an AnonIP user in lieu of simply blanking the article. on or around Sept. 14, 2006. It is reproduced here simply to remind everyone who visits Uncyclopedia of the psychological dangers of Franklin-blanking.

From the urban upholsteries of the ghetto from an unknown territory was a creature born that was nor male nor female but MO! This isnt't a myth but a horrifying thruth that has been covered by the Daily Echo in order to raise to raise awareness of the evil that lies in MO! Approxiamtely at 12 AM every weekend this unhuman specimen can be seen lurking around the dark alleys of City Centre Liverpool. Many have claimed to have seen his hiddious face and havent been able to survive the terror and are dumb as well as blind. The victims how ever are not your regular public but those that are only of age 12/13 year old kids both male and female.

We have many victims that we are unable to name however some of those that have gone through the MO! experience have told us that their pleasure and pain at the same time eventho they still suffer from anal hammering.

There are sevral methods of MO!

1.Drilling young ripe assholes for oil

2.Poking your face with his big quif

3.He is also a big part of the rough gay anal wolf rape

The rest are to sickening to mention as this creature still owns a shop that his proud father is willing to give to his MO! However dont be fooled he will let you have a milk for a rip off price for about 3.75 and then take you back doors for some probing.

Beware he threatens by calling youa prick!

He is very proud of his abilities to be able to persuade little kids as well as older men into this new swinging movemnt called the mo movement currently rising. Some of his compatriots include Tom Sumner, Ghetto Booty and David Carson and his mate who has been a legend to have done 15 press ups in his new work out video buy it today!

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