Arrrr! Ahoy from the HMS Unquotable, a free online floatin' wreck o' nonsense from scalawags who love scurvy buccaneers beyond your piratest imaginin's, tales o' the high seas in every scurvy language except for landlubber ones, including - shiver me timbers! pirate sources (which arn't thar, you filthy beggar), translations of arrrrrrr! in English, and blighty ol' links to Pirateopedia for walkin' the plank straight into Davey Jones' Locker! The only Pirate renderin' of the HMS Unquotable has, uh, several crew members so far, with lots o' bloody quotes and many insults to your pirateness, too! Ye buccaneers (but not the Miami Dolphins) shall visit th' page for the helpless pirate or fiddle in the Litterbox to learn how you, as captain of yer own boat, can order any crew member, right here, right now, to walk th' plank despite your landlubbery swashbucklin' rickets. Or, just swim over to the signup page and forget where ye were when ye found th' map to th' treasure. ARRRRR!

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Of course, randomness plays a role in the process of natural selection as it applies to species.
In fact, I was thinking of letting it play Frodo... but that idiot Peter Jackson overruled me.

Charles Darwin

Arrrr! We're workin' on a new rule for pickin' th' "Random Quote of the ARRRRRR!" usin' black magic. Since all these here quotes immediately have their heads chopped off by our Cutlass-Weildin' Pirate Killer as soon as you read 'em, there's no map to 'em. Be beheaded now...

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