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=== In other languages ===
=== In other languages ===
[[Unquotable:Quotes in Dumbass|Dumbass]] -
[[Unquotable:Quotes in Français|Français]] -
[[Unquotable:Quotes in Français|Français]] -
[[Unquotable:Quotes in Gangsta|Gangsta]] -
[[Unquotable:Quotes in Gangsta|Gangsta]] -
[[Unquotable:Quotes in Piratespeak|Pirate]] -
[[Unquotable:Quotes in Piratespeak|Pirate]] -
[[Unquotable:Quotes in Obfuscata|Obfuscata]] -
[[Unquotable:Quotes in Obfuscata|Obfuscata]] -
[[Unquotable:Quotes on Wheels|On Wheels!]]-
'''[[Uncyclopedia:Requested articles/Uncyclopedia#Unquotable...|Wanted Unquotables]]'''
'''[[Uncyclopedia:Requested articles/Uncyclopedia#Unquotable...|Wanted Unquotables]]'''

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“I use the word "quotation" for lack of a better description.”
~ Oscar Wilde


Welcome to Unquotable, a free compendium of nonsense from people who love you beyond your wildest imaginings, creative works in every language except for non-English ones, including sources (which don't exist), translations of non-human growling and barking noises, and handy links to Uncyclopedia for further disinformation. The only English version of Unquotable has, uh, several pages so far, with numerous quotations and quite a few insults to your intelligence, too! Please visit the page for the helpless, or experiment in the Litterbox, to learn how you can edit any page, right here, right now, despite your well-established mental imbalance. Or, just go to the Log in page to log in or create a user account and forget all of this ever happened.

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If we do the UnQuotable, will it make us feel crazy?
Alicia Keys
<option> <option weight=1>
I was just typing random characters into my web browser's address box the other day, and I came across this
site that was giving away free iPods. I smashed the computer monitor immediately, but you see, that's when
I realized you have to get the CPU; the monitor is just a peripheral.

Some Gamer

Note: We are currently in the process of developing a new policy for selecting the "Random Quote of the Millisecond" using black magic. Since all randomly-selected quotes are instantaneously deleted by our patented Automatic Kwote-Killer Bot as soon as you read them, there is no archive. Be further confused...

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