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Unknown Jedi Council Member
Biographical information


Date of dissolution

That big arena battle with the lightsabers

Physical description

Duck? No, a Vurk.


Unknown, sir!

Hair color

None, sir!

Eye color

None, sir!

Chronological and political information

None, sir!


In the Jedi High Council of the Star Wars movies, there are twelve members at a time. The movies themselves name three of them. The names of eight others can be gleaned through authoritive sources such as Wookiepedia and comic books. However, one remains unidentified.

Known facts

Not to be confused with the Unidentified man in green firing turret, this creature had the power of the Force, a power given to organisms with high midichlorian counts in their blood. People who have been trying identify him often refer to him as 'Crest' because of the crest on his head. Or the "Dinosaur Man," because of the crest on his head. Oddly, none of them have ever referred to Lando Calrissian as "'Fro."


As far as researchers and academians with too much time on their hands know, Council member 'Crest' was born on a planet and died on a planet. The planet they most suspect as his birth planet is Boz Pity, which is found deep in the Star Wars universe. As for type of Alien species, researchers suspect Vurk.

Jedi life


'Crest' enters the Geonosis Arena.

As for 'Crest's training as a Jedi, it is the same for most Jedis. Training, training, and more training, learning to fight and move objects with his mind and bouncing energy beams off of the nearest skull while blindfolded, and then moving on to being a padawan. In Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Crest is not on the Jedi council. So someone either died or resigned in the time between that and the next movie. Through investigation, crack researchers have discovered that Jedi Master Yarael Poof was the Jedi council member to meet his fate. The historical Star Wars books disclose that Poof was killed when saving Coruscant from a planet-exploding bomb had been set. 'Crest' then moved onto the Jedi council for reasons we do not know. Perhaps he had a great Jedi mind, as determined by other Jedi minds. To be on the Jedi Council means you are a Jedi master, which means smart you are, and use the force you can. No one, of course, knows his area of expertise. Still we do know that he had to have had a successful Jedi life to become a member of the Jedi Council. Or know somebody.

'Crest' only appeared in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, as he met his fate in this Star Wars movie.

One and done


Crest was a Jedi warrior beyond reproach (we think).

'Crest' died in the same movie in which he premiered. His death was in the Geonosis Arena, during the huge battle between the droids and the Jedi, winner take all. His death occurred during an attempt on Dooku's life, a fatal mishap during what would have been the pinnacle of 'Crest's' life. As we know from researcher George Lucas' fifth full-length documentary, during the battle, 'Crest' jumped up to where Count Dooku was perched, along with Jango Fett.

With his lightsaber activated, 'Crest' was about to take on Dooku when apparantly the force left him for a bathroom break, and Jango Fett shot him several times in the chest with blaster bolts. After being shot, 'Crest' fell crest over heels over the edge of the "box" where Dooku and Fett were perched to the arena below, an approximate 53- to 78-foot drop. The last words of Crest weren’t heard by anyone (that we know of). Jango died later, and, almost as if 'Crest' reached beyond the grave, Count Dooku was killed in the next episode.

Leading Star Wars historians say that if 'Crest' had succeeded in killing Dooku the Clone Wars may have been averted, and millions of lives and zillions of dollars would be saved.


Being a deceased member of the Jedi Council, a bust of his head was likely made and placed in the Jedi Archives to forever be remembered. Sadly, the bust was never found, or we probably would know his name, and a little bit about him.

'Crest's' spot on the Jedi Council was taken by Kit Fisto, also a Jedi master and a clever warrior.

Known members of the Jedi Council during the time Crest sat in the room

Here are the known members of the Jedi Council who were on the council at the same time Crest was:

May he rest in pieces, and may the force be with them.

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