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The main 'building' of Leeds University pictured as night falls and the gentle aroma of deep fat fryers and marijuana wafts across the campus.

University of Leeds
Motto et aubergines siatica (God Forgive Our Sins)
Established As a terrible, terrible mistake
School type Bloody Big University
Head Mr Freeze (ceremonial position only)
Location Most of Yorkshire, Socialist Worker's Republic of Yorkshire, UK
Faculty 4
Mascot Hello Kitty

The University of Leeds is a small kebab shop and laundrette and is one of the lowest ranking Universities in the Empire Formerly Known as Britain. In fact, it's really just a glorified sixth form college. It has the highest number of graduates studying marmiteology in the UK.

The University formed in 1904 as a substitute for the failing University of Oxford at Leeds. It was one of the first UK universities to allow athiests and thickos entry, unlike for instance Oxford and Cambridge who practiced holy-inquisition upon its students. Upon its creation it attracted a multitude of dog-owners who mistakenly thought it was a training college for wayward pets, traditionally it was maintained that this was due to a typo (University of Leads) in the original door-to-door flyer but more recent research has concluded that the people who came were just a bit thick. Renowlned Leeds etymologist Dr. B.A. D'Spellar has also argued that the term 'Leeds' is a debased form of the ancient title: 'Adegree-tha-Leeds-nowhere'.

edit Modern University

In 1998 the university got its first electric light bulb. This allowed the University to attract many more mosquito graduates who now form an overwhelming majority of the student body. This rapid increase in mosquitos caused riteous indignation among the faculty with resulted in the then chancellor Ziggy Stardust to cry "No Way Man!!" and jump from a third story book.

The Ziggy Stardust chancellorship was noted for its progressive attitude to rocks. It was during this period that noted alumni like Pink Floyd, Genesis (the first book of the Star Trek series) and Rick Wakeman graduated.

Due to the extensive building programs of the 1970s parts of the university campus are still being discovered, most notably a small Papal enclave and an Ancient Tibetan Kingdom of Wonders were discovered under a beer mat in the Old Bar. The current pope and Dalai Llama regualrly hold tea-parties here.

In 2006/7 Leeds University's average spending per student was estimated to be £1.99 plus an 11 inch pizza of their choice.

In 1978 students 'studying' at the university were moved by the council into the Leeds Student Ghetto

edit Research

The University of Leeds is foremost a place where southerners can come and moan about Leeds/The North/Not London. Research is underway to try and actually find someone in the university that was born north of Watford.

edit The Leeds University Union

The Leeds University Union or LUU is a not-for-prophet orginisation charged with keeping students alive throughout the year. It does this by supplying cheap instant noodles that instruct you to add 'Kokend Water' to them.

Because of its not-for-prophet status many erstwhile religious figures such as St Charles Manson, Brian Blessed and Benson & Heges cannot use its services.

It is said the ghost of former Leeds graduate, Mr Blobby, haunts the Terrace bar

The Union is also famed for the Old Bar, a large, straight piece of iron from the Middle Ages which was involved in a Communist plot to kill Margaret Thatcher in 1987.

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