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Easy to play!


Kids - buy these or Mummy will die!

Religious Leader Trumps is a fantastic new game involving cards with facts and figures about various religious leaders listed on them. The player picks a card at random from his or her own pack, then nominates whichever value they feel is likely to be greater than that listed on a card selected randomly from their opponent's pack. The player with the highest figure then wins ownership of his/her opponent's card.

Fun for all the family!
Anybody can play Religious Leader Trumps as soon as they reach an age where they no longer try to eat their cards. The figures on each card are presented in a clear and easy-to-read form making them suitable for very young players who are new to reading, the elderly whose sight may be failing and the terminally stupid.

Religious Leader Trumps will surely be this summer's playground craze, but it's so much more than just a game. Players soon become familiarised with the leaders on their cards and as a result memorise a host of useful facts, enabling them to be better prepared should they be confronted with a proselytising religious leader in real life. What's more, regular players gain a comprehensive knowledge of each type of religious leader's vulnerable points, allowing them to attack enemies during religious/racial wars with a far greater effectiveness than non-players. Scientific tests[1] have shown that children who regularly play Religious Leader Trumps are around six times less likely to convert after discussion with any religious figure[2].

  1. Tests carried out by the Psychology Department, RLT Laboratories (a division of Religious Leader Trumps Industries plc.).
  2. Note: claims that children who regularly play Religious Leader Trumps are two hundred times more likely to experience problematic gambling behaviour in later life have so far only been made by highly dubious sources such as the British Psychiatric Association and The Journal of American Psychology.

Ever expanding!
Each full pack - priced at just £29.99 - contains 50 cards; but supplementary Religious Leader Trumps cards are available in toyshops, groceries and comic stores worldwide priced at an affordable £9.99 per supplementary pack[1]. So remember, kids - if you want to avoid finding yourself at the bottom of your school's pecking order where even that ginger kid who wets his pants everyday can pick on you, you need to collect together a Religious Leader Trumps set that will be the envy of your peers. You'd be crazy to spend your pocket money on anything else!

  1. Supplementary packs contain four cards.

Here's a selection of great Religious Leader Trumps cards just to give you a taste...


RLRabbi RLMormon RLPope


RLWiccan RLImam RLAoCanter


RLCatPriest RLVicar RLBob

Remember kids - No Religious Leader Trumps means no friends!

So get some today, even if you need to rob Granny's purse!
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