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Communique 1: November 2005

We have engineered a bloodless coup and taken command of the X section. My people are declaring a unilateral state of independence from all other countries and sections of the Undictionary. Any attempt to regain control of this section will be met with force by the armies of freedom and something akin to democracy. We hereby rename this section 'the People's Republic of X'. We call upon all of the free world to embrace us and we hereby make an application to join the United Nations, so there.

President Ketlan X

Communique 2: December 2005

Following this long period of peace and prosperity which our people have enjoyed for the past month, it is our wish to spread our political ideals beyond our national and literary boundaries. As Y is relatively small and has large oil reserves, we are considering making tentative approaches to its leaders, to ask if we could be of help in some obscure way yet to be defined. Thus we bring the fruits of our republicanism to our neighbors and share in each other's bounty. Believe me, they will love us for it. They'd better.

President Ketlan X

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