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Hi everybody. I am Iron Biscuit and I made this article about the pisquashio. The etymology of pisquashio came up when I was eating pistachios at lunch. A friend of mine next to me grabbed one and chucked it at a group of boys, some of my best friends among them. Blue Wombat was one of them. He is a crazy lunatic (no offense, Jarod). He comes up with the funniest phrases, and his laughs are highly contagious. Meanwhile my friend chucked another and all of a sudden Blue Wombat shouts "PISQUASHIO!!" and everyone laughs like bloated pastry dough. The term 'pisquashio', among others, is famous all over Deep River Elementary. I give my thanks to Jarod, the Blue Wombat.

And about my name, my real name is Grayson K. and Iron Biscuit started up when we were doing Civil War presentations. My friend Dmitri was working on one about Soldier conditions. I was reading it over his shoulder. 'The soldiers had very poor quality food. One of those food items was a hard stale biscuit, usually filled with maggots. They would dunk the biscuits in their coffee to hide the taste of the maggots. The soldiers often reffered to these as Iron Biscuits'. I laughed. I liked it. "Hey", I said. "From now on, Everyone needs to call me 'Iron Biscuit'". It mostly came out at baseball practice, and at our games the players barely called me 'Grayson'. Some of the teams never found out my real name! One time I got up to plate to hear my teammates yelling "Go Iron Biscuit!" and "Blast it, Iron Biscuit!". The catcher on the opposing team gave me the strangest look, so I said "I make them call me that". My coaches still called me Grayson, but when they were proud of me they'd sometimes bring it up. I give my thanks to Dmitri, or as we used to call him, Jeffrey.

I thanked Matto and Reed because they're cool, and I also want to say hi to Marina, my older sister who likes salmon, to Pickle Juice Friend, my pal on by baseball team, a kid in my school who suggested I have a sidekick named Brass Nugget, and I want to tell Dr. Yokum to stop calling me Little Giblet. And one last dedication, to my lovely parents.

I am very proud of my work, so please don't change it! You can also leave comments/questions here on my article.(that's for you, Matto)

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