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While having many alternative definitions, it is commonly accepted that the word "politician" derives from Greek roots: "Poli", meaning many; "tic", meaning tick, and "ician" meaning "man of ice". Thus, "politician" originally meant an "Ice man of many ticks".

  1. It is also a general term used to describe those slimey piles of turd people stand in from time to time, particularly those which are sticky, hard to get rid of, and leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth. The word "politician" can be used in any context in which you would normally use the word shit. For example, if you defecated on the carpet like an Pr.Bush, you might say, "Oops, I've done a politician," or if your animal was to defecate all over someone else's carpet you might apologise by saying, "Sorry about the pile of steaming politicians my dog just dumped on your carpet." If you're served terrible food in a restaurant you might say, "This yogurt tastes like a trough full of congealed politicians."
  2. A politician is a dickhead that lives in mansions and shags muels/a species of slippery scumsucking eel notorious for accosting babies.
  3. A politician is a receptacle for human souls devised by Satan.
  4. Politician is an ice cream flavour famed for its bitterness and containing high levels of sleaze. People eating politician ice cream often experience the uncontrollable urge to rush out and shag a donkey in a crack den.
  5. Politician is the act of pissing on someone's grave whilst laughing at their orphaned children.
  6. "Politician" is an archaic word meaning "he who dedicates his life to masturbation."
  7. "Politician" is the title of the first chapter of the book, 101 Ways to Rape a Pig.
  8. Politicians are also the small, irritating, inflamed lumps often found on one's face, more commonly referred to as acne.
  9. Politicians are not very popular.
  10. "Politician" is another word for the viscous white substance that gathers at the sides of one's mouth during prolonged speeches about poo.
  11. Politicians are immortal as The Afterlife requires a personality to get in.
  12. Politician: The ability to say one thing and mean another as in "You expect me to believe that? What do you think you are....a politician?"
13 Politician: Simian treetop dweller with a persistent piercing cry.Feeds on votes.mandates,backhanders and malaysian prostitutes of either sex.
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