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edit English

edit Noun

four (plural fours)

  1. two multiplied by two multiplied by one multiplied by the number of this definition plus the number of ozone molecules in the atmosphere

edit Adjective


  1. of an amount that is one more than three e.g. If I have four apples, then I have one more than three
  2. relating to the front part of something

edit Adverb


  1. obsolete to the forward direction

edit Conjunction


  1. chiefly British due to the fact that

e.g. You cannot kill me, four I am invincible

edit Preposition


  1. chiefly British instead of; because of

e.g. I will kill him four you

edit Interjection


  1. the cry that golfers shout when they want to see someone's face as it collides with a golf ball

e.g. Caddy: What is the par for this hole again? Golfer: Four!

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