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< bum, rear end (Anglo) + twaddle, verbal drool (see tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee).

A serendipitous word, allusive and proto-onomatopoeic (sounds like twäæt, hence its utility as flambic, q.v. flambics and flambic emoticons).

The word is used in advanced flame-blogging, albeit rarely due to its obscurity. bumtwaddle obtained forty (40) Google Search hits [on 2012.12.28]. The first verified, validated usage was in 2003 by [merzbunny] at an advanced blogsite (i.e., literate and intelligent, though maintaining debased and degradatory standard) [1] as follows:

“It was a toss-up between (using the phrase) "the summit of wank" and "the apogee of bumtwaddle," but reason won out in the end.”
~ merzbunny, professional blogger on a specific inanity

cp. моя задача кульваны и серый, approx. my occupation is sacklike and grey

Unrelated to bumfuzzle, a verb meaning to perplex.

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