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we're hosted by uncyclopedia, but we teach a lot

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edit What is Uncycloversity?

Uncycloversity is a place for the destruction and abuse of your brain and everything associated with it. Its primary goals are to:

  • Destroy and subvert all content, learning materials, resources, and curricula for all age groups in all languages
  • Waste your valuable time on so-called "projects" and communities written by morons
  • Obtain as much of your money as possible
  • gives us time to steal your edible personal belongings and sell them over black market

Uncycloversity rejects both learning and teaching, as well as everything else. For more misinformation and disinformation about Uncycloversity, see an outline of our policies.

edit Welcome, n00bz!

Teachers, be sure to involve your "students" in collaborating with our alien overlords. Oscar Wilde was the first graduate.

edit Find a Complete Lack of Content

Become frustrated by our various subject-free areas. If you can find a topic, you must be on another website or some sort of hallucinogenic drug.

Visit Uncycloversity Schools:
How To Do Stuff - Zoology - Interdisciplinary Studies - Sex Education - Science - Mathematics - Social Sciences - Practical Arts and Sciences

edit Help destroy Uncycloversity with cheese!

Time dependent:


Our faculty

edit More Communism

edit Booze!

edit Reacharounds!


Our student

edit Disservice (to you)

edit Hot 'n' Sexy Librarians!

edit Uncycloversity not readable in other languages, either

This Uncycloversity is only written in Engrish. This is the only language we know, because we are not properly edumacated.

edit Are You Ready for Graduation?

If you are, go get you printable and customizable diploma here. Degree

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