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Use this page (below) as the "meta-talk" page for the Special:Uncategorizedpages page.

Quexion: As a rank and fowl N00b, I notice there are 499 categories listed on the Categories page. Is there a particular logic to categorizing articles, or does one just choose what one thinks best and method be hanged? --OEJ
This is a REAL problem on Uncyclopedia. In the real world, reality constrains what exists. Here, in this virtual reality, human imagination produces many more possibilities.

Good point. And the Wiki factor escalates the problem. (Ironic that the real problem for a virtual universe is created by imagination.) I might respectfully suggest (if categories are to be limited to less than 500) generalizing some of the categories (instead of "Making Up Oscar Wilde Quotes" as a category, perhaps "Manufacturing Quotations" for instance?).

Oh hell, I dunno. Regimenting and organizing goes against the pure Wiki philosophy, maybe. --OEJ

Wikipedia has problems with categories and they only have to deal with reality. I can see two main goals for categorization of articles at UncyclopediaA. First, to help people find additional articles related to one that they like. Second, to surprise people. There might be a way of categorizing an article that is funny because it links an article together with other articles in a surprising way.

Question: I'm a noob, so forgive me if this sounds stupid. How does one link to uncategorized pages to a category?

Answer: hit the "edit" button and add [[Category:name of category]] to an article.

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