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edit Bug report

Bug in Swedish user manual. Command "image" translated to "bild", but this command are not supported by browser.

Go board Bild: Go_board.jpg

Source for bug: Swedish version of [[1]]

--Suresh 12:30, 16 Dec 2005 (UTC)

The Swedish Bild: prefix works just fine [[bild:August_Strindbergkorv.jpg|right|thumb|175px|August Strindberg, grundare och mentor.]] on the Swedish wiki http://psyklopedin.hehu.se and would likely also work on German-language projects.

edit Two Swedish Uncyclopedias

There are, unfortunately two Swedish uncyclopedias, both named Psyklopedin. One of them is located at http://psyklopedin.hehu.se/ and the other one at http://sv.uncyclomedia.org/.

psyklopedin.hehu.se (hosted by "Hehu") is linked from the Main page of the Uncyclopedia, but on the "http://uncyclopedia.info/wiki/Main_Page", there is a link to the second one (among the 100+ wikis)

Unlike psyklopedin.hehu.se, sv.uncyclomedia.org has the Uncyclopedia-logo and a working search-function.

The first one is also filled with articles that are just stupid and miss spelled (probably just "for fun"). Many of the most active members of psyklopedin.hehu.se has moved to sv.uncyclomedia.org because they consider it the better one.

So... How do we solve this problem? Could anyone to link "the better one" instead?

According to http://desciclo.pedia.ws/wiki/Predefini%C3%A7%C3%A3o:Desciclop%C3%A9diasVertical the Swedish Uncyclopedia http://sv.uncyclomedia.org has over 550 articles.

edit Please create the Uncyclopedia in Tamil language.

hi. iam bored to be a wikipedia user. i planned to be a Uncyclopedian. I am interested in the Tamil language. But i don't know how to create the Uncyclopedia in Tamil language. So anybody plase create and imform it in my talk page.

--Sodabottle 16:51, December 9, 2011 (UTC)

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