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July 15th is an semi-international holiday on which the world celebrates and recognizes the greatness of Uncyclopedia, and its independence from the literal and metaphorical shackles of wiki "reality".

edit Origin of Uncyclopedia Day

The Origins of Uncyclopedia Day are long and complex, depending on how long your attention span is. Many years ago the so called "experts" of Wikipedia were oppressing the low IQ class of its members.
Death to wikpedia

Wikipedia after being cast down by the coup, 2005

. After so many years (possibly 6?), These so called WikiProles were united under the leadership of Oscar Wilde. After months of secret planning the UnArmy was formed and plans for a WikiProle coup were developed. After a series of several small skirmishes through out the Wikipedia, the prospect for the UnArmy looked bleak. However in Mid July both Armies met on the field of Wikiquotes Where after three days of fighting Gen.Oscar Wilde led the UnArmy to Decisive victory. On the Peace terms the Wikipedians were forced to allow the WikiProles there independence and Uncyclopedia was born.

edit Celebrations of Uncyclopedia Day

Where the celebrations of Uncyclopedia Day differ depending on where you are the it is still celebrated on July 15th on the anniversary of the end of the Battle of Wikiquote.

edit Japan

Party in the streets of Harajuku! Kawaii Uncyclopei-chan everywhere you look! Free cake and manga!...and Hentai

edit America

Uncyclopedia Day celebrations in America usually begins with a capturing of a new "smart" person from Seattle where they are then taken to a location unknown in the great plains. Where a migration on Uncyclopedians converge. Then citizens of the Uncyclopedian Nation then around noon gorge on a feast of Ham, and Aluminum bi-product. Then from 2-3 pm all the people partake in an hour long of erratic dance. Then around sunset the main event takes place. the New smart person is brought into an arena with last years hostage where they are forced into gladiatorial combat where either the new hostage will usurp the old one as village idiot until next year or the old one will maintain his position.

edit Canada

Celebrations are more individual based in N. Americas hat. Every family begins the day by committing Truancy on what ever job, school &c they may have. The day in general is based on celebration of the potato. Towns all across the country engage in potato hockey, potato launching, and shockingly potato eating. As night falls family's exchange Mr potato head gifts. Many Canadians also vandalise Wikipedia on this day.

edit Ireland

Uncyclopedians all across the country migrate to the Oscar Wilde memorial in Limerick where he is celebrated and honored what have you. Citizens then enjoy racing liquored-up sheep as is tradition. Also in some areas it is not unknown for rowdy party animals to plunder places of knowledge such as museums, libraries schools, and the homes of people who spell et cetera &c.

edit Mainland Europe

Celebrations are vary slightly depending on where you are but for the sake of time a general description follows. The day usually begins with a rally of all members of the Uncyclopedian nation. Usually followed by bouts of beast on beast combat.
Armed monkeys

Uncyclopedia Day celebrations in Rhineland, Germany

In many countries fire works displays are usually performed at dusk.

edit Argentina

Two words, Tooth-paste War

edit Mongolian Steppe

The day is usually celebrated with roots going back to a similar Nomadic period holiday. Every person of a village prints out an article from Wikipedia and at night after a day of feasting on bagels they are all gathered into a giant pile and children set them alight in a ritualistic bonfire.

edit Asia

Uncyclopedia Day (sometimes referred to as the Octopi Festival) Is celebrated by all the Men and Women of cities and villages going into the nearest body of water in contest as the first person to catch the elusive Wiki Octopus.

The Winner and his Wiki Octopus in a village in Laos.

. Depending on what time of day the Wiki Octopus is finally caught will tell the luck of funny articles that will appear on the page for the year. The Octopus is then grilled and eaten by the people of the village

edit Fun Facts

  • The official planet of Uncyclopedia Day is Neptune
  • In 2002 9 people were killed in an incident during the tooth-paste war celebration in Argentina
  • That in some Eastern European Countries it is an executable offence to drink diet soda on Uncyclopedia Day
  • In Soviet Russia, Uncyclopedia Day celebrates YOU!!!
  • In the US on Uncyclopedia Day scissors beats rock
  • The Falkland Island campaign was actually the result of an Uncyclopedia day celebration gone wrong.
  • In 2003 Mozilla FireFox is founded in order for easier access to Uncyclopedia.
  • Chuck Norris attends all different global celebrations every year
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