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Zombiebaron's Imagery Extra Va Gan Za 2011 Contest Winners


Best Image

ZombiebaronImageryExtraVaGanZa2011BestImage Winner: File:Lego building instructions.gif by PuppyOnTheRadio
runner up: File:Staple lady.png by Lyrithya

Best Image For An Article Without A Picture

ZombiebaronImageryExtraVaGanZa2011BestImageForAnArticle Winner: Image:StyeronymusBloksGartenofStudlyDelights.jpg made for The Flood Trial by MeepStarLives
runner up: Image:Illumoonati.jpg made for Illumoonati by Parsley Victorious

Best Image By A Noob

ZombiebaronImageryExtraVaGanZa2011BestImageByANoob Winner: File:Zombie Bush.jpg by Bowiz2
runner up: File:Enjoyit.jpg by Lockdandload

Best Redone Image

ZombiebaronImageryExtraVaGanZa2011BestRedoneImage Winner: File:Last supper2.png redone from File:Thelastbachelorparty.jpg by Lyrithya
runner up: File:Ackbar-tarp.jpg redone from File:Ackbar.jpg by Modusoperandi

For scoring details see here.
Thanks everyone who participated in this, the first edition of Zombiebaron's Imagery Extra Va Gan Za.
The next competition will be held April 2012 (weather permitting).
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