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The Pen is mightier than the sword, though Freud would say they're both the same.

There comes a time in the life of a website when it must take a good, hard look in the mirror and reflect: "I ask myself, well, how did I get here?"

Well, Uncyclopedia has hit this point, this midlife crisis. It must slow its throttle and finger through its long, hard history, rediscovering the cream of the crop from its cocky seamen and salacious sailors. After 5.5 years, it is time to recognize those people who have kept the site running in the long haul, have made the most veritable and valuable contributions, and have fulfilled their roles with the utmost dignity and bravery.

You heard me, Uncyclopedia. It's time to get off our fat asses and do some hardcore recognizing! It's Uncyclopedia's Half-And-A-Half Decade Anniversary Spectacular! As Rick James would say, "It's a celebration!" and what better way to celebrate by doing tons of voting? That's right. No better way.

First up: The big one. Save the best for last? Man, fuck that shit. We're giving out that shit first! Without further ado, vote for the Writer(s) of the Past Five Point Five Years! Here!

edit Eligibility Requirements

  1. All nominees must be registered users. Sorry,
  2. You can not nominate yourself. Keep the whoring to VFH.
  3. It's nice if you had written an article. However, to be eligible for this award, you must have written ten articles.
  4. While it helps to have won Writer of the Month, it is certainly not a necessity.
  5. For a list.

edit Nomination and Voting Process

Nominations and voting will start on September 5th and end on October 5th.

You have five votes that you can cast total, though there is no vote stacking allowed (one vote per nominee max). There is no limit to the amount of people you can nominate.

edit Fabulous Prizes

  1. The overall winner will go home with the most fabulous trophy in all of Uncyclopedia's history!
  2. The four closest runners-up will go home with the second most fabulous trophy in all of Uncyclopedia's history (pictured)!
  3. Spotlight on the front page? I'll have to check with Mordillo.
  4. Five gallons of ice cream.
  5. A five dollar foot long.

edit Official Winners for the First 5.5 Years

Woo! Congratulations and such!

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