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Welcome to the WikiProject Everything, an effort to categorize the whole of Uncyclopedia into a single category! Get involved by adding your name below!

  1. Identify pages not under any other project, and add them under our project
  2. ???
  3. Profit!
  • Everything not covered by any other WikiProject.

edit Members

Add yourself below
  1. User:h2g2bob
  2. User:thereisnofork

edit Open tasks

  • Tagging articles

edit Templates

  • {{tl|Project}}

edit Rating

We're so cool, we've even got out own rating scale. Use it in the template.

edit Amusement

  1. Skim-read the article, or claim you did
  2. Make up something for the class
  3. Get on with the rest of your life

edit Importance

See Amusement, above.

edit Related projects

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