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Let Uncyclopedia ease the pain in your pants!

These are things we need done. As a wastebasket, Uncyclopedia relies on the idiocy of its contributors and their passion with menial slave labor designed to be done by monkeys. Fortunately, you came along and saved us the trouble of having those monkeys peeled off of the general's wife and bringing them here!

Take out the trash 
This one is the most important. We here at Uncyclopedia are dedicated to humour, NOT Internet memes.
Chuck Norris, Oscar Wilde, Steve Ballmer and Kanye West are not funny anymore. We don't want their names mentioned in every article for no good reason.
Please, we need people to go through and fix pages that aren't funny because they are too meme-y.
We know this is horrible slave work. Please only do it if you are bored and/or masochistic.
Goodbye Chuck.
We loved you, Oscar.
So long, Steve.
Nice knowing you, Kanye.
Later, "Eaten by a Grue".
Rewrite an article 
There are many, many articles wanting a loving home. You can save them! Just browse through the list and if a title catches your eye, rewrite it so hard it won't know what hit it.
For the charitable 
NRVs need more love than rewrites. Kinda like children with terminal cancer. Together, you can find a cure, or create a theme park named after a Disney Cartoon as a front for illegal molestations, which is not advised as President Bush may feel the need to sit upon your face and spin around, making his imprint upon your nose.
Make a friend 
These pages are lonely. Nobody loves them or wants to link to them. You can force other pages to be their friends! Bribe them or threaten to beat their faces in, whatever it takes!
Promote someone 
Here's a list of people that want a promotion. Feeling generous? Grant them their wish!
Find someone's leg and hump it idea 
Sometimes people have an idea, but they're too lazy to write anything. So they dump the responsibility on you. Are you going to be a man and rise to the challenge? Huh? HUH?!?
Spruce up an article that is in disrepair 
Handy with formatting? Help out an ugly article.
Good at adding links? Help out a deadend article.
For an extra challenge expand a short article or fix up one that could use some help.
Clean house! 
(Admin only): Administrators have become lax at Uncyclopedia:Maintenance, especially Uncyclopedia:Maintenance/NRV. It might be spooky that things are slightly different now, but anything older than 7 days (or 30 days) can be huffed or have the tag removed. It doesn't hurt, much.


Name of fix Ugly Cleanup Rewrite NRV
Problem Bad formatting Touch up the edges Bad execution. Trash.
Length Medium Long Medium or long Very short
What you do Sectionalize, order Fix occasional inconsistencies Take out crap, make coherent Flesh out concept, add image, usually delete entire article
Difficulty In your sleep Easy Medium Hard
Idea, material, execution Good idea, good material, bad execution Good idea, OK material, bad execution Good idea, bad material, bad execution Bad idea, no material, bad execution
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