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Tide Pods Candy.JPG - 6 total votes ( 6 / 0 )
Tide Pods Candy

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LEGOGiraffeCull.jpg - 6 total votes ( 6 / 0 )

Lego Noir

Image credit: ScottPat

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BSoD box art.png - 6 total votes ( 6 / 0 )
BSoD box art

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Image credit: Uyabba

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GalleryofWTF.png - 5 quid for entrance ( 5 / 0 )

The 21st century realist art left many masterpieces. The Gallery of World's Tableaux of Fame hosts many artworks from different parts of the world.

Image credit: 90s Kid21

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Fox News: Middle-earth edition

FoxSpoof.jpg - 22 fortresses besieged ( 27 / 5 )

In an effort to extend its presence to areas that were previously only covered by UnNews, Fox News has founded a subsidiary in Middle Earth to stay competitive on the misinformation provider market.

Image credit: Kharpert

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FIFA 2010 Logo - Armed Robbery Edition

Fifa2010 logo.png - 19 bullets in a soccer player ( 19 / 0 )
Fifa2010 logo

The revised logo for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa has been designed to incorporate the host nation's actual national sport...

Image credit: Sonje

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Colossus of Barbie

ColossusofBarbie.jpg - 14 total votes ( 21 / 7 )

One of the seven wonders of the pre-feminist movement, the Colossus of Barbie stands as a silent sentinel, ever-watching, over Toydom's Valley of the Dolls. In an ode to its majesty, Percy Bysshe Shelley declared:

That all the world remains, to seem, unchanged,
Her triumph o'er the rivers, wrath, and range,
Of her immortal gaze, fixed cold with steel,
I dare not but apease her wealth with meal.
But, yet, Man has not seen her to the test;
What's more, pity I couldn't bugger her like all the rest.
This is evidence that when the monument was built, people were of the belief that God was indeed a woman. Take that, Benedict XVI!

Image credit: Prettiestpretty

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Tsar Wars IV

TsarwarsIV.jpg - 23 hairy men in golden thongs ( 23 / 0 )

Tsar Wars Episode IV, No Hope

Image credit: Sannse

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St. Stephen the Martyr

Stephenmartyr.jpg - 11 civilian casualties ( 14 / 3 )

St. Stephen the ProtoMartyr, the first adherant of the Christian faith to be martyred.<p> According to the New Testament Acts of the Apostles, Stephen attached sixteen sticks of dynamite to his chest, detonating them in a crowded market in Jerusalem, killing 32 Zionists and 2 Great Satans, and wounding dozens more. Stephen is venerated as a Saint by the Catholic Church, and in many countries St. Stephen's Day is a publicly recognized holiday.

St. Stephen is depicted here in a 12th century Orthodox icon. The grenade in his hand is probably anachronistic.

Image credit: Isra1337

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Muslim Sisterhood Chess pieces.png

Muslim Sisterhood Chess pieces.png - 5 modified chess pieces ( 5 / 0 )
Muslim Sisterhood Chess pieces

The world changes. So does chess.

Image credit: Ye Blacke Adder

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Piglet's Mugshot

Pigletmugshot.jpg - 17 anthropomorphic pigs awaiting trial ( 19 / 2 )

...the Hundred Acre Wood-wide police crackdown netted Piglet, shown here in his mugshot after being charged with vagrancy, operating a wheelbarrow while intoxicated, hunting woozles without a licence, smuggling of unpasteurized honey across state lines...

Image credit: Modusoperandi

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CheckpointCharlieSign.png - 5 fugitive(s) ( 5 / 0 )

Checkpoint Charlie was the only Berlin Wall crossing point where the authorities used humour as a weapon against those who tried to cross it.

Image credit: ScottPat

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Pontius Pilot

Pontius pilot.JPG - 24.5 programs not at fault ( 35.5 / 11 )
Pontius pilot

The Pontius Pilot is infamous for some functionality issues. One typical complaint is that the Microsoft Crucifixion program often crucified incorrect and important data, such as the Messiah. Thankfully for its users, the file would miraculously reappear two days later after descending to the Recycle Bin, not three as some mathematically illiterate biblical scholars would tell you.

Image credit: Savethemooses

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BNP rally.

RacismProtest.jpg - 7.5 total votes ( 7.5 / 0 )

BNP rally.

Image credit: Digi

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Ken Dodd Strange Fruit

Kendoddstrangefruit(pale).jpg - 5 total votes ( 5 / 0 )

Official album sleeve of Ken Dodd's classic Strange Fruit LP from 1939 has been digitally coloured for the pleasure of one's optical jellies.

Image credit: Sir Mac Boswell

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LandoftheJews.png - 5 total votes ( 5 / 0 )

Land of the Jews, based on promo poster for George A. Romero's film Land of the Dead.

Image credit: RabbiTechno

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Thy Holy Discharge

Thy-Holy-Discharge.png - 5 total votes ( 5 / 0 )

Delicious, according to Quakers.

Image credit: GUN   SIR  MAC  BOSWELL  Knightssword   [†]  09:24, February 7, 2014 (UTC)

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Driveby Giraffe

Driveby-giraffe.png - 12 Drive Bys ( 16 / 4 )

During the early to mid-1990s, drive-by giraffing was a major problem throughout Europe and Africa. Since then numbers have reduced, following a pact between rival gangs. However, they are on the rise in Los Angeles once again, particularly in and around the zoo, as African giraffe's attempt to reestablish dominance in their neighborhoods.

Image credit: RadicalX

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John McEnroe Pong

John McEnroe Pong.gif - 5 total votes ( 5 / 0 )
John McEnroe Pong

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Image credit: Pup

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Hitler fucking a bear

And THIS is how you fuck a bear!.jpg - 14 raw bears ( 14 / 0 )
And THIS is how you fuck a bear!

This photograph, recently discovered in the Bundesarchiv, gives a rare insight into the inner workings of the Third Reich

Image credit: Concept: Zombiebaron. Image: Bizzeebeever

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Popup Blocked

PopupBlocked.png - 22 Popups blocked ( 34 / 12 )

Microsoft Internet Explorer's Popup Blocker has always left something to be desired.

Image credit: Blah Blah Blah

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KGB Stalin

Kfcstalinsexiest.JPG - 26 radiation laced chicken buckets ( 30 / 4 )

If you don't buy their chicken, you might end up disappearing.

Image credit: Bezdomniy

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Doctor Skullthumper

Skullthumper.jpg - 10 dented skulls ( 15 / 5 )

A qualified medical practitioner demonstrates the "Skullthumping" diagnosis technique.

Image credit: RAHB

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Disturbingly accurate fortune cookie

Honestfortune-cookie.jpg - 3 bowls of noodles ( 16 / 13 )

Every once in a while fortune cookie fortunes are right friggin' on.

Image credit: Modusoperandi

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Kennedy Statue

Kennedy Statue Vatican.jpg - 4 Dead Kennedys ( 13 / 9 )
Kennedy Statue Vatican

Statue of John F. Kennedy, first Caesar of the American Empire, located close to the Senate steps upon which he was brutally murdered by Liius Brutus Oswaldii in AD 63.

Image credit: LinkTGF

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Photoshopped burning wind turbine

Photoshopped_burning_wind_turbine.jpg - 8 Smouldering birdchopppers ( 8 / 0 )
Photoshopped burning wind turbine

Wind turbines emitting harmless, zero-carbon steam as part of their normal operating process.

Image credit: Lantash

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TicklingoftheDamned2.jpg - 11.5 total votes ( 14.5 / 3 )

Thou shall not invoke the wrath of God, lest thou be condemned to an eternity of tickling!

Image credit: Claudius Prime

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Image:Occam's Razor in Action.jpg

Occam's Razor in Action.jpg - 13 total votes ( 15 / 2 )
Occam&#039;s Razor in Action

Norelco's flagship product, Occam's Razor, has nearly the same effect on philosophers as it does on their arguments. Unfortunately it doesn't do much about beards.

Image credit: Martinultima

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Entering Arizona

Arizona sign.jpg - 9 Mothers entered with clean feet. ( 10 / 1 )
Arizona sign

When passing from the wasteland of New Mexico into the wasteland of Arizona, certain devotional tasks are appropriate.

Image credit: Zombiebaron and Mhaille

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Anvil Testing

Acme anvil testing.jpg - 11 Anvils dropped. ( 11 / 0 )
Acme anvil testing

The American military routinely uses the elderly for weapons testing, as a way to control population growth and keep the price of prunes low.

Image credit: Original concept: MoneySign. Current version: Bizzeebeever

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