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Disturbingly accurate fortune cookie

Honestfortune-cookie.jpg - 3 bowls of noodles ( 16 / 13 )

Every once in a while fortune cookie fortunes are right friggin' on.

Image credit: Modusoperandi

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Kennedy Statue

Kennedy Statue Vatican.jpg - 4 Dead Kennedys ( 13 / 9 )
Kennedy Statue Vatican

Statue of John F. Kennedy, first Caesar of the American Empire, located close to the Senate steps upon which he was brutally murdered by Liius Brutus Oswaldii in AD 63.

Image credit: LinkTGF

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Let's Go Fly a Kike!

LetsFlyAKike.png - 4 kikes flown ( 17 / 13 )

A classic family activity as timeless as timelessness itself!

Image credit: Zombiebaron

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Thomas Jefferson with a Moustache

Jeffersonmoustache.jpg - 3 inches across ( 18 / 15 )

Thomas Jefferson, with a moustache.

Image credit: Jocke Pirat

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