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BSoD box art.png - 6 total votes ( 6 / 0 )
BSoD box art

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Image credit: Uyabba

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GalleryofWTF.png - 5 quid for entrance ( 5 / 0 )

The 21st century realist art left many masterpieces. The Gallery of World's Tableaux of Fame hosts many artworks from different parts of the world.

Image credit: 90s Kid21

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Muslim Sisterhood Chess pieces.png

Muslim Sisterhood Chess pieces.png - 5 modified chess pieces ( 5 / 0 )
Muslim Sisterhood Chess pieces

The world changes. So does chess.

Image credit: Ye Blacke Adder

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CheckpointCharlieSign.png - 5 fugitive(s) ( 5 / 0 )

Checkpoint Charlie was the only Berlin Wall crossing point where the authorities used humour as a weapon against those who tried to cross it.

Image credit: ScottPat

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BNP rally.

RacismProtest.jpg - 7.5 total votes ( 7.5 / 0 )

BNP rally.

Image credit: Digi

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Ken Dodd Strange Fruit

Kendoddstrangefruit(pale).jpg - 5 total votes ( 5 / 0 )

Official album sleeve of Ken Dodd's classic Strange Fruit LP from 1939 has been digitally coloured for the pleasure of one's optical jellies.

Image credit: Sir Mac Boswell

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LandoftheJews.png - 5 total votes ( 5 / 0 )

Land of the Jews, based on promo poster for George A. Romero's film Land of the Dead.

Image credit: RabbiTechno

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Thy Holy Discharge

Thy-Holy-Discharge.png - 5 total votes ( 5 / 0 )

Delicious, according to Quakers.

Image credit: GUN   SIR  MAC  BOSWELL  Knightssword   [†]  09:24, February 7, 2014 (UTC)

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LEGOGiraffeCull.jpg - 6 total votes ( 6 / 0 )

Lego Noir

Image credit: ScottPat

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John McEnroe Pong

John McEnroe Pong.gif - 5 total votes ( 5 / 0 )
John McEnroe Pong

Add a funny caption here

Image credit: Pup

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Photoshopped burning wind turbine

Photoshopped_burning_wind_turbine.jpg - 8 Smouldering birdchopppers ( 8 / 0 )
Photoshopped burning wind turbine

Wind turbines emitting harmless, zero-carbon steam as part of their normal operating process.

Image credit: Lantash

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Entering Arizona

Arizona sign.jpg - 9 Mothers entered with clean feet. ( 10 / 1 )
Arizona sign

When passing from the wasteland of New Mexico into the wasteland of Arizona, certain devotional tasks are appropriate.

Image credit: Zombiebaron and Mhaille

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The Loofahwaffe

TheLuffahwaffe.png - 7 total votes ( 8 / 1 )

Most people don't remember that during WWII the Germans made huge developments in cleaning their enemies.

Image credit: Zombiebaron and Lyrithya

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Truthful Vending Coffee Machine

Truthfulvendingmachine2.jpg - 8 cups of brown muck ( 12 / 4 )

The future of coffee vending machines is here! We shan't be lied to anymore, and when we press the button marked coffee colored water we will actually get that, and not frothy double glazed cappuccino! Or vice versa.

Image credit: Modusoperandi

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Building rectangle

Building rectangle animation 250px looped.gif - 9 total votes ( 12 / 3 )
Building rectangle animation 250px looped

Image credit: PuppyOnTheRadio

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The Toast Cat Diagram

Cat toast.JPG - 9 buttered felines ( 12 / 3 )
Cat toast

To Determine the Motion of a Cat with a Slice of Buttered Toast Strapped to its Back: Let F_c be the attractive forces of each of the cat's feet to the carpeting (not shown), and let F_bt be the net rotational torque imposed by the carpeting upon the buttered side of the toast. By the 42nd proposition of Murphy's Laws, the system will begin to rotate in a counterclockwise fashion, causing the cat (C) to experience a large measure of confusion. The partially-melted butter (B), which is adhered to the toast (T) by comparatively weak Van der Waals forces, is overwhelmed by the large centrifugal fictional force, causing it to splatter all over the place (P). The spinning cat and toast (C+T), having thus divested itself of surplus butter, will then experience tidal drag within the Earth's gravitational field until such time as rotational equilibrium is restored.

Image credit: Xenonex

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Vague.png - 9 whatsits ( 14 / 5 )

It's the Magazine for People™!

Image credit: PuppyOnTheRadio and Bizzeebeever

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MehHarmonyAd.jpg - 8 total votes ( 18 / 10 )

For those guys who just can't handle the truth, our new online dating service, mehHarmony, brings quick and un-satisfying results to even the most egomaniacal of men.

Image credit: Llama-Llover

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The Great Wave Off Fukushima

GreatWaveOffFukushima.png - 9 blow(s) by friendly tentacle monster and Mecha Kitty to vestiges of Imperial pride and common Japanese decency ( 10 / 1 )

Artist's depiction of the 2011 Fukushima Daichii Nuclear Power Plant Disaster. What it really looked like off the coast of Japan.

The Great Wave Off Fukushima. color woodcut. 1823,1930,2011-12. Part of The Thirty-six Glows From Plant Daichii series by 250 year old Ukiyo-e (and recently loli) artist Katsushika Hokusai.

The Great Wave of Fukushima is part of a groundbreaking new series of remastered prints that comprise the (evidently immortal) artist's comment on both the tragedy of the recent disaster at Fukushima and what he (not exactly a traditionalist himself in his younger days) believes "is representative of the cultural degradation, excess, and perverse fantasy of Japanese today - as well as some floating sushi".

Image credit: MeepStarLives

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Ball pool

Ball pool.jpg - 9 Toys for George Bush ( 18 / 9 )
Ball pool

George W. Bush, shown searching for 'Iraqian' WMDs during playtime at the White House.

Image credit: Strange but untrue

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Uncyclopedia is the Wurst

Uncyclopediawurst.jpg - 9.5 Sauerkraut Garni ( 12.5 / 3 )

Uncyclopedia is the Wurst, now served with Sour Kraut and Potatoes.

Image credit: Mhaille

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Grand Piano/Marshall Stack

Grandmarshall.jpg - 9 people gone deaf ( 14 / 5 )

In the realm of Heavy Classical music, nothing beats the simple sounds of the Grand Piano/Marshall Stack combo. In fact, so great is its prowess that Rock Guru Johann Sebastian Bach during his Bach in Black Tour proclaimed "it's what separates us from an Electric Light Orchestra."

Image credit: Mhaille

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LOLOMGWTFBBQ.gif - 9 total votes ( 17 / 8 )

Too... Many... In-Jokes...

Image credit: Smiddle

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Targetsoldier.jpg - 9 total votes ( 11 / 2 )

“Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever made a difference in the world, but the Marines don't have that problem.”

Image credit: Seeker

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The Hook Headed Man

Hookheadedman.png - 9 pointless b-grade movie villians ( 14 / 5 )

The newest antagonist for horror movie fans to believe, The Hook Headed Man was conceived while watching Treasure Island on crack. In the movie, the way he came about is described as "A pirate who fell into radioactive sludge." It would have made him into the superhero "Arrr-man", but that was too close to a copyrighted character from Sesame Street, so this is the next-best thing the writers could come up with.

Image credit: Jocke Pirat

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The Road Not Taken

TRNK2.jpg - 9.5 dead ends ( 18.5 / 9 )

Robert Frost has conveyed in a very detailed image about The Road Not Taken.

Image credit: Gneomi

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The Actor

The Actor.png - 9 masterpieces ruined ( 10 / 1 )
The Actor

The Actor (L'acteur) is an original oil painting by Pablo Picasso. Apologies for the minor rip. Some clumsy buffoon tripped and fell onto the keyboard while it was being photoshopped.

Image credit: Picasso and Kip the Dip

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Furry cabinet.jpg - 9.5 total votes ( 21 / 11.5 )
Furry cabinet

George Bush meets with his cabinet to discuss the new law thingy about cruelty to animals.

Image credit: Rei

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Connect-the-dots.jpg - 9 total votes ( 21 / 12 )

A state planning committee map of Connecticut.

Image credit: RadicalX

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Right Guard: The Anakin Skywalker Campaign

SkywalkerAura.png - 9 total votes ( 17 / 8 )

In an attempt to popularize their product, Right GuardTM brand deodorant and antiperspirant spent obscene amounts of money licensing the Star Wars brand for merchandising. The best the marketing team could come up with was this still frame, featured in Good Housekeeping. The ad was promptly pulled when daring and uneducated nerds began suing the company for false advertising, claiming "they could not stick a lightsaber into their armpit without bodily harm." It is currently archived along with the ET video game as the most spectacular wastes of money ever.

Image credit: Zombiebaron

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Santa Did WTC

SantaWTC.png - 8 holiday-themed disasters ( 9 / 1 )

On September 11, 2001, international celebrity Santa Claus shocked the world by first firing a missile at one World Trade Center tower, and then flying into the other tower at top speed, killing thousands. Santa survived using his famous magical powers.

Image credit: Zombiebaron

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Zombiebaron goes to the zoo

ZombiebaronPanda.png - 8 brains eaten ( 14 / 6 )

"The panda posing for a picture with me moments before I ate his brain."

Image credit: Zombiebaron

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Paris Surrenders

Paris surrenders.jpg - 8 stupid Frenchies ( 15 / 7 )
Paris surrenders

"We must make the flag as big as a cloud or the Krauts may not see it!"

Image credit: Sog1970

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Mohammed licking a sausage

Mohammedlickingsausage.jpg - 6 total votes ( 19 / 13 )

The Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him, taking a break from the hard work of revealing the final ultimate Revelation of Allah to all the world to enjoy a refreshing meaty snack. Notice how he is enjoying the sensual feeling of that salty tip on his tongue before he swallows it deep into his throat.

Image credit: Socky

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Amazing Seizure Lad

AmazingSeizureLad.png - 8 masters of the convulsion ( 13 / 5 )

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, come one, come all, step right up and see the Amazing Seizure Lad! Behold in amazement his contracting tonic muscles! Gasp in awe at his prolonged clonic phase! Feel your heart race at the very sight of his convulsions! His eyes will roll backwards, but we guarantee that yours will be glued to this 4-year-old prodigy! Tonight only at the Palace Theatre!"

Image credit: TheLedBalloon

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Winnniethepoohfather.jpg - 9 people who don't want to get shot ( 16 / 7 )

"You have to answer for Robin, Eeyore. You fingered Christopher for the Barzini people." ~ Winnie Corleone

Image credit: Modusoperandi‎

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Call of Beauty 3

cob.png - 9.5 Beauties Called ( 17.5 / 8 )

Will you answer the call, snuggie-wuggie-kins?

Image credit: StevenCho and ActiVision

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Gandhi - First Blood Part 1

Gandhi first blood 1.jpg - 9 Pissed Off Pacifists ( 12 / 3 )
Gandhi first blood 1

M. K. Gandhi (Sylvester Stallone) is a former member of an elite United States Army Special Forces unit, and was awarded a Medal of Honor for his service in the Zulu War. Gandhi - First Blood tells the tale of his reintergration into society as well as his involvement within the Indian independence movement. A touching and heartfelt movie for all the family.

Image credit: Mhaille

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It Came Without Warning

Grue chicago.JPG - 7 radioactively mutated grues ( 17 / 10 )
Grue chicago

"Honey, have you noticed how high our life insurance rates are these days?"

Image credit: Flumpa

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Search for weapons of Mass Destruction

WMDSearchsm.jpg - 9 total votes ( 22 / 13 )

Thank you, George! But you must still look in 7 more countries to find nuclear weapons!

Image credit: User:Citation-Seer

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March of the Penguin Brothers

Penguinbrothers.jpg - 8 Penguins ( 15 / 7 )

The Antarctic is under new management in Guy Ritchie's March of the Penguin Brothers.

Image credit: Hindleyite

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VFD Garbage Bag

Un-vfd.jpg - 6 2005cruft articles ( 19 / 13 )

Takin' out the trash...

Image credit: UNKNOWNFILE

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Penus De Milo

Penis de milo.jpg - 9.5 total votes ( 19.5 / 10 )
Penis de milo

The famed Penus De Milo statue depicting Hermaphrodite, in the Temple Of Sheemayle.

Image credit: RadicalX

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Kaleidoscope rifle

Kaleidoscoperifle.PNG - 7 total votes ( 9 / 2 )

Distracted by the dizzying array of colours, your opponent is unable to aim her weapon.

Image credit: Nachahchahhlalalalderdslererrrrrrrrrrr rr

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BFyoungfacedboobs.png - 8 hungry little buggers whoring their images on IRC ( 25 / 17 )

Doctors recommend breastfeeding to keep the population down.

Image credit: MoneySign

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Sumo Wrestling

Sumo wrestling.jpg - 5 low blows ( 17 / 12 )
Sumo wrestling

A Sumo wrestler dealing his opponent the finishing blow.

Image credit: Okochama

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Long Neck Killer

LongNeckKiller.png - 5 giraffes running you the fuck down ( 26 / 21 )

This is an African giraffe running you the fuck down.

Image credit: Zombiebaron

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Fox News

Fox news.png - 8 canids ( 11 / 3 )
Fox news

Fox News: Your number one news source for all things foxy.

Image credit: Olipro's idea, Lyrithya's implementation

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28 Gays Later

28gayslater.png - 9 total votes ( 9 / 0 )

28 Gays Later is a post-apocalyptic horror/shocker film released in 2008. It has become a cult film in the city of San Francisco, as much of its imagery and drama hit home with many fans describing it as the most hoboerotic experience since Top Gun. The film's sequel, 28 Twinks Later, proved to be a box office disappointment.

Image credit: Sonje

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Osbanj2.jpg - 8 supposed hunters of fascists — ha ha ha! ( 9 / 1 )

Conspiracy advocates have accused the FBI of tampering with this famous Lee Harvey Oswald "backyard photo."

Image credit: Tshell

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I burning your dog!

I burning your dog real.jpg - 9 hot dogs ( 12 / 3 )
I burning your dog real

This animal-mutilation image is medium-rare. You can help Uncyclopedia by cooking it further.

Image credit: Necropaxx

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Money Tree

Moneytree.jpg - 9 votes growing on trees ( 11 / 2 )

This "holiday" "season", instead of spending "your" money on "gifts", why not just "ductape" it to a tree, in the "forest", give your "family" a map, and hope they all "freeze to death"?

Image credit: Hindleyite

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Tom Hanks Pro Skater 4

TomHanksProskater4.jpg - 7.5 Boxes of Chocolates ( 15 / 7.5 )

Tom Hanks' love of extreme sports generated his venture into the games market, with such classics such as the Tom Hanks' Proskater series, Joe vs the Volcano II and Philadelphia.

Image credit: Mhaille

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HalloweenCrossBurning.png - 9 racist trick-or-treaters ( 12 / 3 )

The Klan's Halloween cross burnings are fun for the whole family!

Image credit: Zombiebaron

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Big Snail

Bordeaux.jpg - 7 vengeful gastropods ( 13 / 6 )

Yet another instance of the deplorable, ferocious blood feud between the French and their mortal enemies.

Image credit: Kaizer the Bjorn

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Sock Puppet

Sockpup1.jpg - 8 Suspected Sock Puppets ( 14 / 6 )

The Official Wikipedia Uncyclopedia Sock Puppet

Image credit: Whywhywhy

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Armed Monkeys

Armed monkeys.jpg - 5 total votes ( 26 / 21 )
Armed monkeys

The popular term "guerilla warfare" is something of a misnomer; these are actually chimps.

Image credit: Sunsneezer

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Mermaid Clothes

Mermaid Clothes.jpg - 8 pieces of clothing out to dry... Underwater. ( 10 / 2 )
Mermaid Clothes

"Mommy, why don't Mermaids wear clothes?" - "Seriously Johnny, think about it..."

Image credit: RAHB

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Not Pink Elephants

Not Pink Elephants.png - 7 Pink Elephants ( 20 / 13 )
Not Pink Elephants

One Out of Ten Doctors agree: There are no pink elephants in this picture.

Image credit: Zombiebaron

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Paris Stilton

ParisStilton.png - 8 Skanky French Foot Cheeses ( 12 / 4 )

Bad Puns are still cheesy, even in French...

Image credit: Zombiebaron

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George Formby Grill

Formbygrill.jpg - 7 Lancashire Low-Fat Fry-Ups ( 13 / 6 )

Hee hee....turned out shite again? Try the George Formby Mean Lean on a Lamppost Grilling Machine, put a little ukulele in YOUR hand.

Image credit: Hindleyite

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Norman Wisdom

NormanWisdom.jpg - 9 Anglo-Norman Clowns ( 13 / 4 )

Sir Norman du Pitkin, Clown Prince of Albania was at the forefront of the philisophical teachings following the Norman Invasion.

Image credit: Mhaille

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Follow Me?

Jesusroadsign evil.JPG - 9 misguided sheep ( 19 / 10 )
Jesusroadsign evil

Jesus is to his followers as a shepherd is to someone else's flock.

Image credit: Rei

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Caesar Crossing the Delaware

Caesar-crossing.png - 9.5 invaders ( 17.5 / 8 )

Caesar crossing the Delaware during the Great Time Travel War of 1871.

Image credit: RadicalX

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Fantanatics3.jpg - 8 total votes ( 15 / 7 )

Say kids, is that Jihad thirsty work or what? Get some refreshment with a Fantanatic!

Image credit: Hindleyite

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Whoop-Ass of Mass Destruction

Whoop ass.jpg - 8 total votes ( 21 / 13 )
Whoop ass

Although Whoop-Ass is a commonly available weapon (with 12 oz versions legally available to the public) if ever war should break out, the US has 55 gallon drums at their disposal. A single barrel could wipe out the entirety of Cuba. Distributed by Chuck Norris on a regular basis.

Image credit: Splaka

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The Hockeyzooka

Terrorgun.jpg - 9 total votes ( 13.5 / 4.5 )

The War Against Terror (TWAT) was fought with whatever tools the combatants could fashion themselves. The hockeyzooka, a weapon used by terrorist footsoldiers in the 9/11 attacks, proved devastatingly effective against the government's more ungainly thermonuclear warheads.

Image credit: Machinecurse

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