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Images in Class C will appear on the main page 19% of the time.


Driveby Giraffe

Driveby-giraffe.png - 12 Drive Bys ( 16 / 4 )

During the early to mid-1990s, drive-by giraffing was a major problem throughout Europe and Africa. Since then numbers have reduced, following a pact between rival gangs. However, they are on the rise in Los Angeles once again, particularly in and around the zoo, as African giraffe's attempt to reestablish dominance in their neighborhoods.

Image credit: RadicalX

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Hitler fucking a bear

And THIS is how you fuck a bear!.jpg - 14 raw bears ( 14 / 0 )
And THIS is how you fuck a bear!

This photograph, recently discovered in the Bundesarchiv, gives a rare insight into the inner workings of the Third Reich

Image credit: Concept: Zombiebaron. Image: Bizzeebeever

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Doctor Skullthumper

Skullthumper.jpg - 10 dented skulls ( 15 / 5 )

A qualified medical practitioner demonstrates the "Skullthumping" diagnosis technique.

Image credit: RAHB

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TicklingoftheDamned2.jpg - 11.5 total votes ( 14.5 / 3 )

Thou shall not invoke the wrath of God, lest thou be condemned to an eternity of tickling!

Image credit: Claudius Prime

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Image:Occam's Razor in Action.jpg

Occam's Razor in Action.jpg - 13 total votes ( 15 / 2 )
Occam's Razor in Action

Norelco's flagship product, Occam's Razor, has nearly the same effect on philosophers as it does on their arguments. Unfortunately it doesn't do much about beards.

Image credit: Martinultima

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Anvil Testing

Acme anvil testing.jpg - 11 Anvils dropped. ( 11 / 0 )
Acme anvil testing

The American military routinely uses the elderly for weapons testing, as a way to control population growth and keep the price of prunes low.

Image credit: Original concept: MoneySign. Current version: Bizzeebeever

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DJ Beathoven

BeethovenDropsTheBass.png - 11 total votes ( 13 / 2 )

DJ Beathoven was one of the early pioneers of dubstep. He is known for the unique wubwubwubwubwubwubwubwub sound of his music.

Image credit: Zombiebaron

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Tyrannosaurus Banks

TyrannosaurusBanks01.png - 11 dinosaurs ( 11 / 0 )

Production photos from the next Jurassic Park film, starring Tyra Banks, have been released. Ebert has already given it 5 stars.

Image credit: Imrealized

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Edgar Allan Po

EdgarAllanPo.jpg - 13 dead baby suns ( 15 / 2 )

The sun is setting o'r the shore. Quoth the tubbies: "Nevermore".

Image credit: JohnnyRaven and Prettiestpretty and RabbiTechno

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Pot plant

Potted pot bonsai.png - 11 pots ( 11 / 0 )
Potted pot bonsai

Even the plants are weird in Japan. This particular pot plant features multiple smaller pot plants in carefully crafted pots created specifically for the occasion. Or in the words of the artist, "I got stoned and spent three days trimming my pot plant. Now I'm gonna smoke it."

Image credit: Lyrithya and some stoned guys

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Insert image title here, without link

Mexico lol.jpg - 10 Pepitos relaxing on the beach ( 10 / 0 )
Mexico lol

When relaxing on the beaches in Mexico, always remember to use protection!
(This message brought to you by the Mexico Tourism Board)

Image credit: Mattsnow, Bizzeebeever

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Goatsebusters.jpg - 12.5 deleted images ( 18.5 / 6 )

There's something strange, and it don't look good. Who ya gonna call?

Image credit: RadicalX

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Boogies with Badgers

Boogieswithbadgers.jpg - 11 total votes ( 19 / 8 )

Kevin Costner's follow up to the moderately successful Dances with Wolves was not the big hit that Hollywood Producers had been hoping for...

Image credit: Mhaille

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Monotony.png - 11 measures of monotony ( 11 / 0 )

One of the last surviving scans of John Aglethorpe's infamous Ode to the Monotony of Life, a nearly year-long piece composed of alterations between A sharp and B flat tied together.

Image credit: Dr. Skullthumper

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Sickophant.png - 12 sickophants ( 12 / 0 )

A sickophant in its natural habitat.

Image credit: Lyrithya

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Grue vs. Grue

GvG.jpg - 12 total votes ( 23 / 11 )

Movie poster for the epic film, Grue vs. Grue.

Image credit: Sliferjam

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BiLightPoster.png - 13 Pale Gimps ( 20 / 7 )

An amusing satire on popular nonsense.

Image credit: MeepStarLives

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Carpet Muncher

Carpet muching 1.jpg - 13.5 carpets munched ( 17 / 3.5 )
Carpet muching 1

For the lady in your life. Whether you fry it, bake it, or broil it, carpet will always be a tasty treat for young and old.

Image credit: Splaka

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Damned Germans shot my beer!

Damned Germans Shot My Beer.png - 11 bloody Huns shooting a jolly Englishman's Guinness ( 15 / 4 )
Damned Germans Shot My Beer

Ah, a nice cold Guinness, I-- ...What the??? Damn you, you Krauts!

Image credit: Jocke Pirat

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Planet.jpg - 11.5 planets, damn it! ( 23.5 / 12 )

Pluto's revenge after being demoted. Sun and Moon were no help to Earth.

Image credit: Tedmund

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Insert image title here, without link

Dong covering.jpg - 12 Vietnamese dongs protected by contraception ( 14 / 2 )
Dong covering

Due to the fragile nature of the small coins, its is often necessary to cover the dong for protection.

Image credit: Sonje

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Rms.jpg - 12 total votes ( 19 / 7 )

Controversial picture: Freedom of Software or disrespect to Islam?
Possibly the world's least subtle terrorist... Shouldn't that be GNU/Islam?

Image credit: Mahroww

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Whack a mao.gif - 10 total votes ( 28.5 / 18.5 )
Whack a mao

Whack-A-Mao: the national pastime of Taiwan.

Image credit: Splaka

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SwineFlu.jpg - 11 total votes ( 18 / 7 )

Once the pharmaceutical companies had porked the porcine strain with mother's classic formula, the only epidemic plaguing the world was terrible, terrible puns.

Image credit: Lemsip for providing the original and me for editing as well as coral for letting me edit it.

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iPod Jesus

Ipodchristcrx.png - 13 sins died for during "You Are The Music In Me" ( 15 / 2 )

Just his luck that it got stuck on Jesus Christ Superstar that fateful afternoon...

Image credit: Prettiestpretty

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Need a hand?

Handbox.jpg - 12 Nicely packaged arms ( 15 / 3 )

Uncyclopedia Health Service - We couldn't save it, but I'll be damned if we couldn't package it up nicely and send it to you in a box.

Image credit: Seeker

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Moais True Feeling

Moaishoot.jpg - 13 statues commanded to "not move". ( 23 / 10 )

Now we know why they look so intense, all of them.

Image credit: Gneomi

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America NRV'd

America nrv2.jpg - 12 total votes ( 25 / 13 )
America nrv2

One of God's many duties involves making sure all the world's contributions are of an acceptable standard. Unfortunately this involves the tedious task of clearing out a large amount of crap every so often. Dissidents who note that this stamping and clearing arbitrarily kills millions are placed on the "naughty" list.

Image credit: Spang

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Tom Wants You!

I want scientology finished.png - 12 total votes ( 25 / 13 )
I want scientology finished

Why wouldn't you join? Tom Cruise is a member! Don't you trust Tom?

Image credit: LinkTGF

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Death of Porchesia

Porchesia-deleted.jpg - 12 "non-existent" countries ( 18 / 6 )

It was a sad sad day in the Mediterranean region, as thousands of Porchesians were incinerated by the Wikipedia adminatti, who deny the incident ever took place, and indeed, the existence of Porchesia.

Image credit: RadicalX

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