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Attention Citizens:

Due to article stacking on the VFH page, martial law has been declared on this page. Until further notice, these emergency rules will apply:

  • No citizen shall post additional articles for voting until Vote for Highlight has returned to its status quo.
  • For those of you who cannot understand vague military jargon, it means that YOU do not nominate ANYTHING on THIS PAGE until VFH has been deemed fit once more and this template has been removed.
  • Violators of this voting curfew shall be given a first rate bloody massage by Olipro.
  • They may also be banned.
  • Furthermore, all citizens are required to end their business before 20:00 and commit to writing high quality articles and vote for articles already on the VFH page.
  • All citizens are required to maintain the peace, work hard and deny the existence of the Cabal.
For the time being, all users are requested to refrain from removing articles from the queue due to low health reasons, please leave that to the sysops. Removing due to -3 is still allowed.
By the order of the Adminatti

VFH status:
4.25 votes per article • Goal: 15


Welcome to the Uncyclopedia Votes for Highlight page. To nominate an article, type the name into the box below and follow the directions.
  • Vote for an article you find excellent.
  • Previous featured articles can be found in the VFH archive.
  • Voters: don't be dicks and do be constructive with criticism. Writers: Don't be prima donnas. Be open to criticism.
  • Nominations of articles from all namespaces (including UnNews, UnTunes, HowTo, UnBooks, etc.) are welcomed.
  • If a nomination disappears from this page, it is likely to be found in either the recently featured or recently failed nomination lists.
  • If your article doesn't make it to the front page, don't despair. It may be eligible to be Quasi-featured so long as it meets certain criteria.
Any and all violators of policy will be Blue Shell'd.

View recent changes for VFH. Deleted entries might still appear on this list. Purge.

Current nominations

# Article Score Nominator Nom age Health
1. Geoff Boycott's Grandmother (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 1 ( 1 / 0 )sm=n Anton199 9 dayssm=n 9%
2. Cafeteria food (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 4 ( 5 / 1 )sm=n Xamralco 9 dayssm=n 36%
3. The Doctor is IN (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 4 ( 4 / 0 )sm=n Romartus 13 dayssm=n 27%
4. Bluestocking (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 5 ( 5 / 0 )sm=n Everyotherusernamewastaken 33 dayssm=n 14%
5. Battle of Bosworth (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 4 ( 4 / 0 )sm=n Romartus 34 dayssm=n 11%
6. New Jersey (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 2.5 ( 3 / 0.5 )sm=n SPIKE 44 dayssm=n 5%
7. HowTo:Repair a broken smartphone (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 4.5 ( 4.5 / 0 )sm=n Anton199 46 dayssm=n 9%
8. Town meeting (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 5 ( 5 / 0 )sm=n SPIKE 56 dayssm=n 9%
9. Commonwealth of Nations (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 3.5 ( 4 / 0.5 )sm=n ScottPat 68 dayssm=n 5%
10. LeBron James (nomination) (vote) Mark as voted onVoted ✔ 3 ( 4 / 1 )sm=n SPIKE 72 dayssm=n 4%

Want a feature that lets you mark the articles you've already voted on? Follow the instructions here to enable it.

Nominate an article

You (yes, you!) can nominate an article for featuring. To do so, put its name (or article name (2nd nomination) if it's been nominated before) into the box below, press Nominate, and follow the instructions on the next page. Simple!

VFH is not a discussion page. If you'd like constructive criticism for your article, please submit it to Uncyclopedia:Pee Review.

Old VFH archives

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