Wild Jews (history, logs)

Article: Wild Jews

Score: 6 users who vow to hunt them down and kill them

Nominated by: Aleister
For: 6
  1. Symbol for vote For. Rabbi's should-have-been-featured-already page. I nommed this on the other site already, just so we don't miss any when the hunting starts. Aleister 12:05 17-1-'13
  2. For. Funnybony Icons-flag-th Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 16:24, Jan 17
  3. For. per above Mn-z 15:41, January 18, 2013 (UTC)
  4. For. LaurelsRomArtus*Imperator ITRA (Orate) ® 19:08, January 19, 2013 (UTC)
  5. Symbol for vote For. Spıke Ѧ 14:01 21-Jan-13
  6. For. I like and very funny but it seriously could use some cuts: both chopping off the padding and some adjectives but also sentences/sections. IMHO. Very funny though. ShabiDOO 05:52, February 5, 2013 (UTC)
Against: 0

No against votes

  • Rabbi adopts a style we should use more often: Having footnotes appear at the end of the same section, rather than at the end of the article to exactly mimic Wikipedia--in which case no one scrolls down to see the rest of the joke until he has lost the context. Spıke Ѧ 14:01 21-Jan-13


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