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Hello there! I'm a kite, and I will ruin your day! (history, logs)

Article: Hello there! I'm a kite, and I will ruin your day!

Score: 13 kite eating trees

Nominated by: DRStrangesig5 Sherman Fingertalk  09:48, June 14, 2010 (UTC)
For: 13
  1. Nom&For:--DRStrangesig5 Sherman Fingertalk  09:48, June 14, 2010 (UTC)
  2. For. I had a kite. I ran around while it dragged on the ground. "Kites fly" is a myth. Also, they eat little sisters. *Pout* Sir Modusoperandi Boinc! 13:01, June 14, 2010 (UTC)
  3. Symbol for vote For. Sir SockySexy girls Mermaid with dolphin Tired Marilyn Monroe (talk) (stalk)Magnemite Icons-flag-be GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY PotM WotM 13:04, 14 June 2010
  4. For. Though there was some changes I wanted to make, but I'll see how the voting period here turns out. (update:I made my changes) It's Mrthejazz... a case not yet solved. 14:50, June 14, 2010 (UTC)
  5. For. Bloody kite. ~Jewriken.GIF 15:14, June 14, 2010 (UTC)
  6. SMILE!. Megaman126512 23:16, June 14, 2010 (UTC)
  7. Ankh smite For I was rooting for the tree! (that's a pun, sun) Aleister in Chains 23:44 14 6 MMX
  8. Pacman Yep. Fetu+Img 1186786828=Uncle-john 02:45,15June,2010
  9. For.~Scriptsiggy.JPGTelephonesig Star Starsig Kidneysig05:47, Jun 15, 2010
  10. For. Though I am not usually a fan of first person narrative - I like the writer's imagination to do this from the perspective of the kite. Well done. LaurelsRomArtus*Imperator ® (Orate) 07:12, June 15, 2010 (UTC)
  11. for --Sog1970 08:43, June 15, 2010 (UTC)
  12. For. ChiefjusticePS2 08:44, June 15, 2010 (UTC)
  13. For. NOOOOO SirIsaac 13:19, June 15, 2010 (UTC)
Against: 0

No against votes

  1. I appreciate your votes everybody. Glad you liked my work. It's Mrthejazz... a case not yet solved. 16:46, June 15, 2010 (UTC)


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