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Pond scum

Unregistered users are scum.

Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can view articles on Uncyclopedia, there are certain technical restrictions imposed at each level of the user hierarchy.

edit Anyone


Unfortunately, some unregistered users are soulless vanity whores.

Unregistered users (commonly referred to as IPs, or soulless vanity whores), have the ability to:

  • Giggle uncontrollably at our award-winning content
  • Edit any page, unless it is protected
  • Create an account (thus providing them with a soul)

edit Logged-in users

Automated list: Special:Listusers

After creating an account and being delivered a courteous yet impersonal welcome, logged-in users can:

  • Upload images
  • Maintain a watchlist
  • Customise how they see Uncyclopedia using Special:Preferences.

Creating an account is free, and only requires a username and password. Ironically, registering as an Uncyclopedian gives you more privacy than not doing so, as everyone and his mother is now unable to see the IP from which you edit and thus know the desk at the Public Library at which you are sitting. Even more ironically, registered users start to care about the reputation of their username, and their behavior improves a little.

edit Autoconfirmed users

Logged-in users who have managed not to get banned are given the 'autoconfirmed' user right after four days. These users can edit semi-protected pages.

edit Emailconfirmed users


Potty training essential.

A user with a confirmed email address can request lost passwords in the event of gross stupidity or a hacker accessing their account and changing the password. (Emailconfirmed users were once able to receive email from other Uncyclopedians, but this feature is currently disabled due to abuse.)

edit Autopatrolled

In our continuing effort to ensure that the material on this site resembles truth without actually being true, all edits appear on Special:RecentChanges and are reviewed nightly by chimpanzees. This review is called patrolling. New users' edits are flagged in this listing with a gigantic exclamation point. (Because of our love of hierarchy and secrecy, you yourself cannot see it.) This gets the chimps on patrol to pay extra attention to it.

Once we are fairly sure you aren't a vandal and don't need most of your work undone on a regular basis, you will receive the 'autopatrolled' right. This doesn't change anything from your point of view, nor does it mean that a patrol chimp cannot still stomp on your work. It just gets the system to stop begging them to do so.

edit Rollbackers

Users in the Rollback group have the ability to automatically revert vandalism edits back to the most recent non-vandalized version. Revisions can only be manually undone one at a time, but rollback will undo all edits of a single user at once, reverting the page to the last time someone else edited it. Rollback doesn't magically detect vandalism, so it must be used with care in order to avoid accidentally removing legitimate edits.

Users with 'rollback' rights are also 'autopatrolled' and can see those gigantic exclamation points in case they want to go on patrol themselves. They also are able to move pages.

edit Administrators

Ultimate Guide adminstrators

Administrator traits include rage and bitterness.

Main article: Beginner's Guide/Acceptable admins
Automated list: Special:Listusers/sysop
Active Admins: UN:AA

Administrators (also known as Admins or Sysops) are the ones who keep us safe from vomit-inducing content and irritating fools.


PMS is a common side affect of adminship.

Administrators can:

  • Ban you, if you disrupt the site, they are displeased with you, or if they are bored (true!)
  • Unban you, if feeling merciful, or if you have bitched to another admin about "abuse"
  • Huff (delete) pages that are embarrassing, unfunny, or compromise national security
  • Hack up pages that may have been wrongfully huffed by a fellow admin suffering from PMS
  • Restrict editing or moving of a page to autoconfirmed users or other administrators
  • Quickly revert vandalism and other dickery using [rollback]
  • Edit pages in the MediaWiki namespace, which affect how the site is displayed.

edit Bureaucrats

Main article: Uncyclopedia:Bureaucrats
Automated list: Special:Listusers/bureaucrat
Active Bureaucrats: N/A

Bureaucrats are administrators with the ability to:

  • Spawn administrators and bureaucrats using Special:Makesysop
  • Grant users real rollback rights, if they were so inclined (only on editors who have been here for a minimum of one month).

edit Staff

180px-Death Star

Wikia, Inc. corporate office.

Main article: Wikia:Wikia Staff
Automated list: Special:Listusers/staff

Fire breathing monsters with the ability to destroy the world Uncyclopedia, Wikia Staff are lazy, apathetic, and vengeful friendly, kind users who are here to help.

In a large community with many active administrators such as Uncyclopedia, Staff don't often have much to do. Don't do a thing to change this.

The abilities of staff are not widely known, but Mongolian spies have determined that staff can:

  • Block, protect, and delete; just like administrators
  • Spawn administrators, bureaucrats, janitors and staffers (don't bother asking, you'll get banned)
  • Remove these rights when bored or feeling vengeful
  • Lock the database (preventing editing or log entries)
  • View the IP used by any user
  • Track cross-wiki vandals and spammers and burn them down with a single huff
  • Remove embarrassing family secrets personal information from pages
  • Rename you to shithead, or perhaps some other name if you ask nicely.
  • Rename all users with similar names in the Wikia database to Un-<insert name here>.
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