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The Uncyclopedia UnSignpost

The periodical without any junk in its trunk!


Occasional Editors: NobodyScottPatAnton199SPIKEZim ulatorRomartusPuppyOnTheRadio

Joint Chief Editors ScottPat and Anton199

Deputy Chief Editor VACANT

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No, not that type of signpost. Just as useful, though.

The UnSignpost is the way to stay informed about Uncyclopedia without actually getting involved with all the madness that goes on around here on a regular basis. It seeks to provide some of the most useless information on Uncyclopedia's so-called "community".

If you sign up HERE, one of our paperbots I will deliver a fresh copy of the UnSignpost straight to your talkpage every week for just $5.99 a month. In case you haven't got enough spam already.

Interested in adding something to the signpost? Drop us a line in the press room and we'll either ignore it, forget about it (most likely), or add it into our next issue. Want to write an article? Go right ahead and give us a draft in the press room. Want to write a biopic? Good, add it to this page: Unsignpost:UserBiopics - 2013. Any questions? Ask an editor (preferably ScottPat).

Want to chat with the editors live? Good luck with that. The chief editor is on here most days (British time).

Want to look through all our internal news? Check out this page!

Retired Founders & Co-Head Janitors: Dr. SkullthumperCajek

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