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Tuesday, July 7, 2015, 07:53:59 (UTC)

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Greece bonfire
ATHENS, Greece -- The bankrupt Greek government entered a new phase as a 61% majority rejected a European Union proposal that had already been withdrawn, in favor of an alternative that was not specified.

Yanis Varoufakis quit as finance minister, citing a "certain preference" that he step aside, perhaps in favor of a negotiator who does not have an Illuminati tattoo on his forehead. Full story»

LONDON, United Kingdom -- British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced an urgent national search for a different name or acronym for 'ISIS.'

Once all agree on names to choose from, Simon Cowell will be invited to make this into a game show, the lucky winners sent on the first bombing mission against the BBC Broadcasting House. Full story»

SILVERSTONE, England -- Formula One has been asked to kill more drivers live on television as of next year.

Bloodthirsty fans are leaving the sport in droves to watch more exhilarating things, such as chess and water evaporating. Full story»

HOLLYWOOD -- The actor who portrayed Mr. Sulu has discovered a new, alien life form.

Mr. Sulu concluded that dissenting Justice Clarence Thomas was not a legitimate African American but a "clown in blackface" — a "First Contact" with an alien species that would be Mr. Sulu's first without the assistance of Captain Kirk. Full story»

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, England-- Great Britain became the 51st State of the United States of America as the official Declaration of Dependence was signed by Senator David Cameron this morning — completing the Revolution of 1776.

British statesmen ejected tea (and Harman) into a marina, and decamped to Burger King for a Double Whopper and banana milkshake. Full story»

Solar Impulse 2
HONOLULU, Hawaii -- A solar-powered airplane is due to land here Friday in a record-setting, around-the-world flight that promises to change the face of aviation.

The plane spends the daytime just above Earth's atmosphere to recharge its solar batteries, as the pilots steer by synchronized leaning. At night, it descends to 30 feet to save energy, and to try for boosts from chimneys, smokestacks, and semi-trailers on expressways. Full story»

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