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Spike Lee says reading these articles is doing the right thing. Fight the powa!

These are the Top Ten Uncyclopedia Articles of 2008(ish). Also, check out the Top 10 of 2005 and of 2006 and of 2007.

1. Star Wars (Japanese Opera) (tied)
1. Turing Duck Test (tied)
3. A bunch of aristocrats fucking. Awesome vid
4. UnBooks:My New Life as a T-Rex (tied)
4. UnMovie Review: The Dark Knight (tied)
6. HowTo:Rob A Bank With Your Penis
7. Rafael Nadal (tied)
7. UnNews:Movie character fails to heed helpful advice (tied)
7. UnScripts:Average Cop (tied)
7. Why?:Am I a Power Ranger? (tied)

Here are the honorable mentions.

11. Sania Mirza
12. The white guy in All-4-One
13. HowTo:Be A Supervillain (tied)
13. UnScripts: Genesis, Episode II: In the Garden of Eden (tied)

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